Torrox (Málaga)

TORROX: The best climate in Europe!

Culture, tradition and beaches.

Why is Torrox unique in the world?.

Basically, because Torrox has an eternal spring.

With an average temperature of 18º.

For its very long coast.

Actually has more than 9 kilometers of coastline.

Without a doubt, the beauty of an Andalusian white village.

Also and rural tourism trails.

Because it is very close to the ski slopes.

Where you can be skiing in the Sierra Nevada in the morning.

And in the afternoon enjoy the beach or the charm of a typical Andalusian town.

For its beautiful landscapes.

Our  lands  are crossed by several rivers and streams.

Its valleys are covered by orchards and its hills by vineyards and olive groves.

The orchards form stairs of green terraces of vegetables.

Moreover they also abound the fruit trees and subtropical trees.

Its ancient history.

That starts on the coast.

Starting the journey through its history.

The first thing you will see in Torrox is the Archaeological Zone of the Lighthouse.

This site was  from Roman times, when the city was called Caviclum.

Was an important agricultural and fishing production and export center (centuries I-IV).

Continuing back in time to the Arab period of Torrox.

Its modern history

In 1850, the San Rafael Sugar Factory was built.

One of the most characteristic examples of 19 century industrial  of Malaga.

One of the main attractions  is taking a walk through its old town.

In it you can find the Plaza de la Constitución.

Which is covered with more than 600 umbrellas of different colors.

In it is the Casa de la Hoya and the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation.

Where to eat in Torrox town.

Truly, in Torrox town we recommend:

El Figón for dinner .

And Bar el Rubio for lunch.

The beaches .

Torrox Costa.

After having enjoyed a walk through the old town.

Of course, and having taken beautiful photographs in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Now is time to visit some of the beaches of Torrox Costa and enjoy the climate.

Indisputably, the landscape and the tranquility of the Eastern Costa del Sol .

Essentially, the best of Torrox Costa are its beaches.

Where to eat in Torrox Costa.

However, the best and most important thing  is its beautiful promenade.

Since it is the only walk in the area, it has a great tourist attraction.

Facing the sea, it has a multitude of bars, ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Among which we recommend Pata Negra Playa .

With a beautiful terrace on the beach and good cuisine.

Likewise,  Ferroche Beach Torrox.

Where you can eat better paella than in Valencia and Alicante.

Moreover, on weekends you can enjoy live music shows with special menus.


Torrox is located within the coastal path and is crossed by several rivers and streams.

Surrounded by terraced fields and lush tropical fruit orchards.

We recommend the following excursions:

Senda litoral and Río Patamalara.

Boat trip Aventurmar málaga.

Typical dishes .

Torrox has a gastronomy marked by Mediterranean products.

Its typical dishes include migas.

Which can be accompanied by other typical foods such as :

First: Sardines, cod, clams,olives.

Second: gazpacho, ajoblanco, anchovies skewers and sardines skewers.

Third: maimones, porridge, arriera salad, poor potatoes.

Especially try the ajoblanco, this  is usually accompanied with grapes.

Towns near Torrox.

Torrox borders different municipalities in the province of Málaga.

Immediately  the northwest with Frigiliana and Nerja

Next,  Cómpeta to the north.

Later,  Torre del Mar to the west.

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