Torre del Mar (Málaga)

Torre del Mar, Malaga.

Second population center of the municipality of Vélez-Málagais is Torre Del Mar, Malaga…

As well as its promenade, a meeting point for visitors and neighbors.

Currently, Torre del Mar is a tourist, commercial and leisure enclave.

In addition, his ‘pescaíto’ is part of numerous gastronomic guides.

Historical monuments of Torre del Mar, Malaga.

Torre del Mar Castle.

His mission was twofold.

On the one hand, monitor the coast to detect possible enemy ships during the Middle Ages.

These could be both adversary nations of Spain …

And pirates that ravaged the Andalusian Mediterranean coast.

And on the other hand, it had to protect the ships that anchored in the natural harbor.

Therefore, the history of the town is closely linked to the castle.

The fortress corresponds to the concept of castle-fortress.

This constituted the original nucleus of Torre del Mar.

The three towers.

Torre del Mar and Vélez-Málaga lived in distress due to the danger of pirate attacks by the Berbers…

The castle and the manganeta watchtowers, right and tilted, being their surveillance and defense system.

The towers sent smoke signals to communicate with the castle by day; at night they lit bonfires.

Smoke and fire were an effective method of communication several centuries before technology.

Together with the castle they constituted the alert and defense device against the aggressive Berber pirates…

Who had their bases in North Africa.

The tower of the Manganeta.

16th century, 3 km from Torre del Mar.

With a masonry and brick structure, it is also known as the Tuscan tower.

It is located 800 meters from the coast.

The Crooked tower.

Or otorre del portachuelo, from the 16th century. .

Both towers were declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1993.

Torre Derecha o Torrenueva:

A military fortress of the s. XVI.

Torre del Mar and sugar cane.

The old Sugar Factory The region of La Axarquía was a pioneer in Spain…

In the cultivation and industrialization of sugar cane.

Sugar production began in Torre del Mar in 1796 …

Although the modern factory was built to the industrial standard …

With the steam engines that were used in Cuba in 1840.

After suffering financial problems, the mill passed into the power of the wealthy Larios family …

Being baptized as the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Factory.

The sugar factory was a fundamental factor in the economy…

Of Torre del Mar for almost 150 years.

From the original industrial complex, 2 chimneys and a scratch …

Name given in sugar jargon to the cylindrical container …

In which the sugar mass crystallizes.

Also on display is a replica of one of the steam engines…

That were used in the manufacture of sugar.

The Casa Larios.

One of the best examples of civil architecture in Torre del Mar.

House built in 1888 in regionalist style with Mudejar elements.

Too,  home of the engineer of the sugar factory.

It is distinguished by its height and its large openings that gave it freshness in hot seasons.

Also for its beautiful landscaped areas.

The elegant house has a small entrance porch supported by iron columns.

Villa Mercedes.

The only regionalist and neo-Mudejar style house built at the end of the 19th century.

It is a 2-storey building with an attic with a 3-storey tower, reminiscent of 16th century towers.

Its porch is supported by two Tuscan columns.

Also its facade includes a main balcony and several windows with wrought iron bars.

El Arenal, Torre del Mar beach, Malaga

Beach with a blue flag for its waters and clean sand.

Very easy to access from the promenade.

The most characteristic thing is its color and its large dimensions.

In this area of ​​the Costa del Sol the sand is fine and dark.

The multiple services that we will enjoy here are:

First: Restrooms, showers, kiosks, bins, first aid station.

In addition, we can rent: umbrellas, hammocks and boats.

And most importantly: lifeguard, parking and bus stop.

Something extraordinary in the area:

A yacht club, building of the modern movement…

Asset of Cultural Interest since 2006.

It was designed by the architect Francisco Estrada Romero in 1967.

The plant is organized around three circles.

Curved shapes and the white of its terraces prevail on the sea façade.

In contrast, the façade that faces the ground is much more closed.

And incorporates the dark color of exposed brick.

The promenade.

It is one of the longest and most beautiful promenades in Europe.

4 km long, in front of the Levante and Poniente beaches of Torre del Mar.

It includes beaches, restaurants, and nightlife spots.

Strolling along the Torre del Mar promenade, we can also:

Observe the lighthouse, 26 m. which became operational in 1976.

Read poetry by a local artist on the Paseo de los Poemas.

Listen to small summer concerts at the Templete de la Música.

And buy handmade ornaments for our body and our house …

Every night in the lively and colorful night market.

Where to eat in Torre del Mar, Malaga.

Bahía Beach Jazba is located on the Paseo Marítimo.

Its menu is of Mediterranean and European gastronomy.

It is in high demand, so on weekends they serve by reservation.

In the El Pozo Typical Tavern…

They prepare delicious and healthy Mediterranean food…

With a special touch enhanced by the magnificent wines.

It is on Paseo Marítimo 27.

The Restaurant Bar Italia, on Avenida Duque de Ahumada 7.

Is listed as the best Italian restaurant in Torre del Mar.

Greek cuisine has its best expression in Torre del Mar at the Pikilia Restaurant.

Located on Avenida Toré Toré 22. The food is spectacular and at very good prices.

In Torre del Mar there are restaurants with wonderful terraces that have magnificent views.

Some of these son:

Indialucía (hindu, Paseo Marítimo Levante).

Padre Pío (italian, Paseo Marítimo Levante).

Caramba (Mexican Kitchen, Calle Manuel Azuaga).

Fogón del Pibe (Argentine steakhouse, Avenida Toré Toré).

La Sastrería Playa Poniente (seafood restaurant, Paseo Marítimo Poniente).

What to eat in Torre del Mar, Malaga.

The white garlic, the cold soup made with garlic, almonds and breadcrumbs;

Cod cakes with honey, maimones, old clothes and ajobacalao.

Are other dishes to enjoy in Torre del Mar apart from salmorejo, sardine skewers and fish white.

For dessert there is nothing better than the hand-dried La Auxarquía raisins.

Family activities in Torre del Mar, Malaga.

Torre del Mar air Festival.

Every year in July an aeronautical event is held, the International Air Festival.

Organized by the city council of Vélez-Málaga and free.

t gathers the best aerobatic pilots from Europe and the world.

The Aquavelis Water Park.

It is located on Ruta del Pomelo Street, in the El Tornillar Urbanization.

It has multiple slides, lakes and pools.

The place also has the Mini, a children’s area for children no older than 8 years.

And the Spa Area, for adult recreation.

To eat inside the enclosure:

American Corner (hamburgers and hot dogs).

Cofee Shop and the Oasis Restaurant & Lounge.

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