Tarifa (Cádiz)

Tarifa Cadiz.

Tarifa a city between two seas.

Tarifa & wild nature, wind and white sand.

A land full of stories and legends.

A paradise that attracts poets, hippies, singers and surfers.

A land full of stories and legends.

Tarifa, an strategic point as a border area.

Also a stronghold against pirate raids…

And a military enclave.

The Muslim past, always present.

in which two differentiated sections can be seen.

One, from the Islamic period, surrounds a small area of ​​the town.

The second, from a later period, covers the entire old town.

A good layout of its walls, built between the 10th and 16th centuries, is still preserved.

Tarifa, the south of the south.

Overlooking the sea, Tarifa is situated in the southernmost point of Europe.

Only 16 km. they separate it from Tangier (Africa).

We recommend a ride using the ferry that communicates directly with it.

Tarifa is between two waters, those of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Its excellent location has made it a mecca for tourism.

Cult place of kitesurfing in Europe.

The vast virgin beaches, whipped by the east wind …

They have turned Tarifa into a place of worship for fans of nautical sports, such as:

kitesurfing, flysurfing, paddle surfing or scuba diving.

A visit to the historic center of Jerez.

We start by visiting:

The Castillo Guzmán El Bueno.

Because it is the gateway to the Historic Center of Tarifa from its southern slope.

Next to the Fishing Port. Built in 960 under the mandate of Caliph Abderramán III.

The castle owes its name to Alonso Pérez de Guzmán. Why was he nicknamed El Bueno.

Let me briefly tell you the story.

It is the year 1294 and the Arabs try to reconquer Tarifa.

They surround the castle and manage to arrest the son of Don Alonso.

The Arab army asks for absolute surrender and the delivery of the square in exchange for his life.

But Don Alonso prefers to sacrifice his son than to deliver the population.

His gesture became legend:

He threw his own knife at the enemy soldiers so that they themselves would kill him.

Near to Castillo, we van visit to:

Colada de la Costa Trail Exceptional viewpoint of 11 kilometers with exceptional views towards Africa.

Its starting point is near the castle.

Low difficulty trail.

After that:  

The Puerta de Jerez.

Only this one of the 4 that the city had remains.

We continue with:

The Plaza de Santa María or de las frogs.

The Roman Betic Route passes through it, one of the different ones that runs through the town.

The buildings around the square.
They are characterized by their style with Arab reminiscences.
These are:
First: the Town Hall.
Second: the Casa del Pósito.
Third: the Library and the Historical Archive, in Neo Mudejar style.
We continue with: the Paseo de Alameda, the Tinerfeño Casino, and the Royal Prison.
We end with the Churches of San Mateo and San Francisco.

Tarifa and its beaches.

Bolonia beach.

One of the most emblematic beaches of Tarifa.
It is unique in Spain, a true natural gem at 30 m. Tall.

Also, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

And enjoy its sun, white sand and turquoise and transparent waters.

Sun and archeology.

 As you walk through it, you can enjoy:

First of all, some incredible prehistoric naturalist paintings from the Moro cave.

We continue with The magnificent view of the Necropolis of the Algarbes.

And finally: City – Baelo Claudia Factory in Bolonia.

Punta Paloma.

Isla de las Palomas, the southernmost point in Europe.

Before accessing the island, you can enjoy the views of the Castillo de Santa Catalina.

The Isla de las Palomas is an islet with a high ecological and historical value.

In a very small space we can observe:

1- The archaeological site of the Phoenician hypogea.

2- The oldest lighthouse in the area.

3.- A good number of military buildings.

And above all, on the way to the island, you will feel the force of the wind..

And you will walk between two waters …

The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

You will notice the forces of nature in its purest form.

Something important to keep in mind:

It is necessary to make a reservation for the visit, since it is only done with a guide.

Tarifa, In wild nature.

Tarifa is part of four protected natural spaces:

1-The natural park of Los Alcornocales.

2- The natural park of the Strait

3-The natural area Los Lances beach.

4- The dune of Bolonia, a natural monument of Andalusia.

Estrecho Natural Park.

You have to feel, breathe and step on this place.
Not just because of the history, the wind and the archeology.
If not, the Cadiz nature seduces by its beautiful contrasts and rugged textures.

Green on green.

We do not expect to find landscapes so green and so wild so far south …
But here we enjoy a special microclimate …
With the winds and ocean currents, the currents.

The Mirador de Europa.

We cannot forget something unique in the world …
From Tarifa and its coast we enjoy a direct view of Africa.
We invite you to come and enjoy it, the summer months are perfect.

The gastronomy in Tarifa.

You can taste in any bar, tavern or tavern in town a delicacy with bluefin tuna…

That you will never forget …

And it will make you want to come back every year.

Above all, remember that the best bluefin tuna in the world is raised here.

In the morning for breakfast …

In the afternoon, for a snack.

Café Del Mar Beach.

Café Azul. Charming breakfasts.

Family bar where you can have breakfast, tapas or have a coffee in front of the Arco de Jerez.

For tapas.

Misiana Bar.

Anca Curro. 

Traditional tapas place in the old town of Tarifa.
Taurine atmosphere.
Andalusian food one hundred percent.

For a special occasion:

Restaurante el Campero.
Recommended in the Michelin Guide.
The best red tuna from Almadraba.

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