Sevilla Airport

Sevilla Airport.

Sevilla Airport known by the name of San Pablo, it is located 3km northeast of Seville.

It is a very important financial aid for the city of Seville.

History of the Sevilla Airport.

The German airship Graf Zeppelin flew over Seville 15 times.

 Firstly, in the spring of 1929 on a promotional flight.

On April 16, 1930, he stopped at the new airport for the first time.

Before continuing his journey to Friedrichshafen (Germany).

 On July 11, 1933, the arrival of the ‘Graf Zeppelin’ airship from Pernambuco (Brazil)…

Officially inaugurated the San Pablo airport in Seville.

The first commercial flights began in 1919 from the Tablada aerodrome.

Passenger transport was not authorized until 1934.

The design of the Sevilla Airport.

The airport facilities in the old Cortijo de San Pablo were progressively expanded…

until the construction of the new terminal building…

Inaugurated in 1992 on the occasion of the Universal Expo 92.

Rafael Moneo, the designer of the new Seville airport.

Awarded with the Prince of Asturias Award.

In short, an amazing sample of the current architectural trend of the 60s:

Team X ,: Association, Identity, and Flexibility.

His ideas for the design of the Sevilla Airport were:

A big box of yellow blocks to avoid the summer heat.

With sky blue painted domes on high pillars, like a mosque.

His inspiration: the Sevillian patio house.

The key idea: the Islamic character that neglects the facade to turn inside.

An Arab garden in the parking lot of the Sevilla Airport.

Full of orange trees, like the streets of Seville …

Unlike the rest of Andalusia, where palm trees prevail.

The “beach” of Sevilla.

In less than two hours you can reach this charming city…

One of the oldest on the European continent…

Founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC.

Established in such a strategic enclave that it attracted the attention of Romans and Arabs.

Cádiz has it all: climate, beaches, almadraba tuna and historical heritage.

You have to walk its promenade, in front of the imposing fortresses of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina.

Above all, enjoy the unique sunset over the Atlantic …

Stepping on the fine golden sand of La Caleta beach.

Visits that you cannot miss:

First, the 18th century cathedral, baroque inside and neoclassical on the outside.

Nearby, the traditional neighborhood of Pópulo.

A true medieval nucleus dating back to the 13th century.

And to finish, go up to the Torre Tavira, from where you can see the best views of the city.

Cerro del Hierro: the Grand Canyon of Seville.

In the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, an hour and a half.

With more than 600 million years of history.

Formerly it was a mining area, but now it is a Natural Monument.

Due to its high geological and landscape value.

It is an area of ​​limestone rock and rich in iron.

Hence its striking ocher, red and gray tones.

Natural erosion and mining activity …

They have modeled whimsical figures in mountains.

 You feel on another planet while crossing bridges, galleries and tunnels in the rocks themselves.

Looking out to extraordinary panoramic viewpoints.

The route is 2 kilometers long and is practicable both on foot and by bicycle.

For the more experienced: The El Rebollar trail.

In addition to hiking, it is ideal for climbing, with more than a hundred routes.

 A day in the jungle with the family.

In the Reserve of Castillo de las Guardas.

Only 50 kilometers from Sevilla Airport.

One of the most spectacular animal parks in Europe.

In a natural space of more than 200 hectares of lush forest mass.

With more than 1,000 animals of 100 different species from all continents.

In semi-freedom and almost in its natural habitat.

Perfect for seeing the animals up close, following a route of about 15 kilometers.

Which can be covered by train or in your own private car.

There are also exhibits of birds of prey and sea lions.

There are even different activities for all ages, such as:

Not only for the little ones (the kangaroo garden).

But also a karting track …

Or practice paintball in scenarios that simulate battlefields.

There are even free access pools.

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