Selwo Estepona

Selwo Estepona

Selwo Estepona is a theme park and zoo that is home to more than 2000 species of animals.

There are species such as Lions, Hippopotamuses, Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Elephants, Eagles, etc.

Very special is the pair of Iberian lynxes, who have put this park in the first private zoo in Europe.

It also offers interaction programs with animals known by the name of SERENGUETI.

Michelle Obama with her daughters had the pleasure of enjoying this park and the interaction with the zoo animals in 2010.

The price per adult is €25.9 and children’s €18.

Selwo Estepona urbanizations

Around it there are luxury urbanizations such as Bel Air or Los Granados.

Also hotels with golf course and luxury villas in Villa Padierna.

Their Gastronomy

Nearby in Marbella you have some very good restaurants. If you like fish : Lobito de Mar.

It is a restaurant of the 3 Michelin star chef Dani García.

You can taste its famous guacamole or paella alicantino style.

The average price is € 35, quality & price is Top!

Another very good restaurant is “Erre Marbella“, located in the don Pepe Marbella hotel.

Erre means to burn in Basque.

They are experts in grilling meat, fish and vegetables with different types of woods.

Chef Iñigo Urrechu, contributes some of his star dishes on the menu.

The average price per person is about € 45.

These are two of the best restaurants in the area and possibly in Spain.

Very recommendable for a dinner the BIBO by Dani García.

Eclectic tapas with Andalusian roots. Enjoy haute cuisine tapas at Puente Romano of Marbella.

Its large terraces, its offer of oysters and cava, will not leave you indifferent.

The average price per person is about € 55.

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Selwo Estepona
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