Sancti Petri Chiclana (Cádiz)

Sancti Petri Chiclana (Cádiz)

At the Novo Sancti Petri Chiclana (Cádiz), you can enjoy playing golf or a paradisiacal beach like La Barrosa.

It is the resort with the most accommodation capacity on the Costa de la Luz.

La Barrosa beach has 8 km of beach, from the Sancti Petri cliffs to the Puerco hill.

We have several golf courses of the highest level, the 18-hole Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf.

This last one, is a luxury due to its location near the sea, between pine trees and La Barrosa beach.

Another very interesting one is the Sancti Petri Hills Golf.

It is located only 3 minutes by car from any hotel in the urbanization : 

Iberostar Novo, Hipotels, Aldiana, Barcelo-Royalhideway, Gran Mélia, Valentin, Vincci, Ilunion Sancti Petri.

And only 10 minutes by car from Cónil, Véjer  ,  also it’s close to Puerto de Santamaria & Cádiz city.

Their gastronomy

The gastronomy on that side of the Atlantic is a luxury.

The star dish is undoubtedly the Almadraba red tuna.

Do you have 5 minutes?

Watch this video about Red Tuna and the different preparations that can be made.

And for the carnivores, they have a very tasty meat, from Retinto Cow.

Retinto meat can be found in various populations, but it is native to Cónil.

Its meat is very tasty, because the cows are fed with natural grass and in freedom.

Restaurants recommended by Telecabbie in Sancti Petri Chiclana

Of course the best restaurant to enjoy red tuna from Almadraba is Restaurante el Campero in Barbate.

It will be an impressive gastronomic experience, you will eat the tuna like you have never eaten it before.

Onion tuna typical dish of the region or marinated tuna and of course haute cuisine tuna recipes.

Only 40 minutes by car from Sancti Petri, restaurant highly recommended by Telecabbie.

For those who don’t like to travel much while on vacation, we have a couple of gastronomic tips.

The first, Cataria Sancti Petri Restaurant, it is a restaurant located in the 5-star Iberostar hotel.

It is a restaurant that will take you to the depths of the sea.

And like vegetables, they will advise you what fish to eat depending on the month of the year that we are.

I ate the best roasted pepper salad with homemade salted tuna of my life.

Another very good restaurant is Alevante by Chef Angel de Leon with 4 michellin stars.

The Alevante restaurant is located in the 5-star Hotel Gran Mélia Sancti Petri.

He is known as the Chef of the Sea, expert in cooking with sea vegetables and plankton.

They are unique gastronomic experiences and highly recommended by Telecabbie.

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Santi Petri Chiclana (Cádiz)
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