Salobreña (Granada)

Salobreña Granada, white and shiny.

Salobreña Granada, embracing the great Rock that overlooks the sea, among geraniums …

And winding streets with an old Arab flavor, with a sea breeze …

With bright rays of sun that whiten everything.

Geographic situation of Salobreña Granada.

Salobreña, Granada borders the municipalities of:

Motril, Vélez de Benaudalla, Los Guájares, Molvízar, Ítrabo and Almuñécar.

Located in the heart of the Costa Tropical de Granada.

It is almost certainly one of the most beautiful towns on the Granada coastline.

A little history of Salobreña Granada.

Long before reaching the crossroads to go to Motril or Almuñécar…

This impressive white town appears perched on a rock.

More than a thousand years ago, this town was considered one of the favorites…

By the different dynasties that ruled it as their favorite place of retreat and rest.

The Peñón de Salobreña is also crowned by a castle …

Of Phoenician origin, rebuilt by the Romans and the Arabs as early as the 13th century.

The views of the mountains offered by its highest part are like a movie.

Almost as much as those offered by the same rock on which Salobreña is located.

It was Abdelaziz who conquered Salobreña…

And went on to call it Salubania until it was reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489.

Besides the castle, you can visit.

1-The Historical Museum of Salobreña Granada.

In which you will discover the roots of this town with more than 6,000 years of history.

2- The neighborhoods of La Villa, Albaycín and El Brocal.

That reveal its Arab past through its steep and narrow streets…

Precious corners of Andalusian charm with whitewashed facades …

And many, many pots full of red geraniums.

3- El Mirador of Salobreña Granada.

In the square called el Mirado you will enjoy the best views of the sea.

Since from there you can see all the beaches of Salobreña …

In addition to part of those of Almuñécar and Motril.

Salobreña Granada: painters and poets dream.

Salobreña, palette of painters.

For the ocher of its rock and its castle.

For the blank pointillist explosion of their whitewashed houses.

And the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.

Sky, sea and tropical vegetation:

The whole range of bright, intense, blinding blues and greens.

Salobreña: sugarcane & turquoise waters.

Today you can enjoy the old green of the sugar cane crops.

Of course also the bright colors of the juicy tropical fruits that grow in the valley.

And they reach the sea next to the famous Peñón de Salobreña.

The virgin beaches of Salobreña Granada.

Caletón beach.

Essentially, a 30-meter cove quite isolated.

With very clean waters, perfect to discover the treasures of the seabed.

El Cambrón beach.

More inaccessible than the previous one, ideal to be calm.

Although without any kind of service; loneliness has a price.

Punta del Río or La Cagadilla beach.

Perfect for diving enthusiasts.

It extends to Motril, with just over 1 km. long …

And a composition of sand and gravel, like the other beaches in Salobreña.

It is a virgin beach, which is accessed on foot.

Its level of occupation is quite low.

Since it does not have the comforts of the other beaches.

Being in an agricultural area.

The Guadalfeo River.

Flows into this beach and there are wetlands frequented by water birds.

The swell is usually moderate.

 Almost all its beaches have charm and are little urbanized.

Although among them those of:

La Charca / Salomar and La Guardia. 

They are sandy and pebble beaches (better to wear shoes).

The most popular beach in Salobreña Granada.

El Peñón beach.

Is an urban beach located next to the Rock.

It is the closest beach to the town.

Suitable for any time of the year.

It has all the services and restaurants.

Wide beach equipped with showers, toilets, pedestrian bridges…

Civil protection, tourist information, hammocks and pedal boat rentals during the summer.

Area of ​​restaurants, cafes and shops.

Aquatic club near the Rock during high season.

Fishing club near the mouth of the river. View of the Rock.

Artificial reefs and interesting marine life.

Gray sand and gravel area.

Salobreña: tapas and fresh fish.

Typical dishes of Salobreña Granada.:

First, the fish fry from the port of Motril.

We continue with the espichás (anchovies).

The richest and most different dish: dried octopus.

Typically Malaga: the sardines “espetás” in cane.

Something you have to try: the fish crumbs.

A flavor that will take you back in time.

Of course, the tropical fruit of the Axarquía:

The sweet and juicy mangoes, avocados and custard apples.

Where to eat in Salobreña Granada.

El Peñón Restaurant.

With one of the best views of the entire Costa del Sol.

Try their Motril whiting and the lobster stew.

The Pesetas.

For tapas. The best, their fish fry.

It is so called because in the past they served a glass of wine for one peseta.

The Manolo.

A modest chiringuito but where you will eat the best octopus in the world.

Also, the portions are very generous.

Maritime activities in Salobreña Granada.

1-  Surf, paddle surf, kayak or kitesurf … with live music.

In 18 Nudos, the Salobreña surf club.

Also classes for beginners, initiation for children.

Even food trucks to make a stop and recharge.

2- Boat trip near to Salobreña Granada.

From Almuñécar or Nerja you can rent a catamaran.

3- Spot dolphins.

4- To practice diving in deeper waters.

5- Also water skiing in Salobreña Granada.

6- The best photographs of the mountains seen from the sea.

And since Salobreña does not have a catamaran service …

Its deepest waters are empty and are perfect for this type of getaway.


Salobreña also reserves a cultural space for those travelers…

Who want to fill their time with something more than beach.

The castle of Salobreña is an example of how important Salobreña was in another time.

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