Sabinillas (Málaga)

Sabinillas Malaga.

Sabinillas Malaga, belongs to Manilva.
Located 97 km from the capital, Malaga. Next to Casares and Puerto de la Duquesa.

Sabinillas Malaga, his story.

In Sabinillas Malaga…

The remains of a Roman villa have been found related to the site around the Castle of La Duquesa;

It is a villa with an atrium and several rooms with mosaics…

As well as a pool for obtaining salted fish or garum.

At the end of the 19th century, the Larios family..

Industrialists from Malaga and Campo de Gibraltar…

Founded the Guadiaro Industrial and Agricultural Society.

Which in 1878 acquired the Colonia San Luis de Sabinillas…

Equipped with a sugar factory to process the sugar…

The Castle of the Duchess.

Built in 1767 by Carlos III, it is a circular battery with four guns.

It presents some characteristics straddling the castle and the strong house.

With gigantic proportions that reveal in its design..

And structure that it follows the rules of military architecture of the moment.

It is one of the best examples of forts from the s. XVIII.

The fortress is located next to La Duquesa beach.

Too receives the name of Fortín de Sabinillas.

Because it is next to the coastal town of Sabinillas.

Built in the eighteenth century by Francisco Paulino …

During the reign of Carlos Tercero.

In order to defend this area from the constant incursions of pirates and corsairs.

Until a few years ago, the castle was used as a barracks for the Carabineros and the Civil Guard.

Currently, it hosts a mayor’s office.

But receives numerous visits for its architectural and historical importance.

The fortress was built taking advantage of old walls left by the Romans.

Also that barely exceeded one meter in height.

The castle structure housed a detachment for the cavalry and another for the infantry.

As well as a hayloft, a kitchen and a chapel, it is currently a meeting place for cultural and leisure events.

In addition, you can visit some archaeological remains found in the area.

Sabinillas, Malaga:

 The promenade,the port, and the beach.

The promenade.

The coastline of this beach is occupied by the nucleus of San Luis de Sabinillas…

With the promenade as a separating element between the beach and the buildings.

The mouth of the Manilva River gives way to the beginning of this beach.

Where apartment buildings have been installed that give way to a good tourist neighborhood ideal for spending a few days relaxing.

The extension of this beach reaches the Puerto Deportivo de la Duquesa.

The Port of La Duquesa.

It is the port located in the westernmost area of ​​the province of Malaga, in the municipality of Manilva.

Currently, this beautiful marina is the place with the greatest tourist activity in the entire area…

Combining in perfect harmony the Mediterranean light with the pleasure boats…

And the traditional flavor of the small fishing boats that go out to fish every morning.

With its quiet beaches and a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

Puerto de la Duquesa is one of the best ports on the Costa del Sol.

It is surrounded by cozy hotels and urbanizations that invite you to spend a good beach and sun holiday.

In addition, in its vicinity is one of the largest concentrations of golf courses in the world.

Sabinillas beach, Malaga.

Geographic situation.

Sabinillas beach is located in an urban area, between Puerto de la Duquesa and the Manilva river…

Within the nucleus of San Luis de Sabinillas in Manilva, 20 kilometers from Estepona.:

Sabinillas, the cleanest beach in Malaga.

That is why it usually gets the recognition of the Blue Flag every year.

If you are a fishing lover, you have your place in Sabinillas.

Sabinillas, the black pearl.

Because of his fine and dark sand.

Wide and long, without stones or rocks and calm waters.

Sabinillas, the funniest.

During the season, the beach offers many activities designed for children to have fun.

Such as playgrounds or a water park located in the sea.

Its easy access and the many services it offers, both for children and adults…

Make the beach have a high level of occupation…

Despite being far from the large cities of the Costa del Sol.

In Sabinillas, at night he dresses in white.

During July and August, coinciding with the rising of the full moon…

On Sabinillas beach the Moon Festival is celebrated.

 Thousands of people dressed in white enjoy a festive and family atmosphere.

Where to eat in Sabinillas, Malaga … Or very close.


From the French chef Thierry Bourderioux.

With his experience at the Ritz in London and the Moulin Rouge in Paris.


Japanese food with Spanish ingredients.

Platero & Co.

Mediterranean cuisine.

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