Ronda (Málaga)

Ronda, Malaga.

Ronda, the dream city.

Ronda, Malaga, located just 100 kilometers from Malaga, enjoy your sensitivity and taste for special places.

Without a doubt, the most wonderful balconies in Andalusia.

One of the most charming towns in Spain.

So that you can enjoy the best panoramic views of Spain and one of the favorite destinations for honeymooners.

Because famous bandits, bullfighters and beautiful women were born and lived here.

Something that It attracted artists and intellectuals from around the world.

Such as Ernest Hemnigway who spoke of the mountainous area as a perfect place for a honeymoon,.

The  best known places of Ronda. Malaga

Ronda rises at an altitude of 700 meters.

The Tajo de Ronda.

On the edge of the precipice formed by the deep gorge cut by the Guadalevín river in the mountains.

Also, declared a Natural Monument of Andalusia in 2019.

La Caldera, the symbol of Ronda.

Just below the New Bridge, a circular hollow.

The most characteristic symbol of the city.

Every year, thousands of tourists come to admire and photograph this geological beauty.

Its origin dates back to about 5 million years ago, when the seismic movement created the Tajo de Ronda.

Without a doubt, a perfect place for lovers of bird watching.

Since from here you can enjoy some species that are difficult to find in other places

The history of Ronda, Málaga.

In the first place, Ronda was Roman .

Later, in 711 the Berbers came, stayed and left their mark on its current old town.

Much later, in 1485, the Christian troops of the Catholic kings came and conquered the city.

This happened because of a Muslim traitor who rebelled the city’s secret from the enemy.

Of course, explaining that Ronda had a hidden water wheel led to the city’s surrender.

Over time,  the mine was abandoned in the 16th century.

Its memory fades and legends appear that narrate the existence of fabulous palaces…

Beautiful princesses and lavish treasures hidden in the depths of the mine.

The monuments of Ronda, Malaga.

The Puente Nuevo (New bridge).

You can start the visit with the most beautiful bridge in the world.

Basically, It is 98 meters high and from its balconies you can see the houses of Ronda “hanging” on the very edge of the precipice.

Next to the Arab baths (13th century), the best preserved Muslim thermal complex in the entire peninsula.

La Casa del Gigante (XIV-XV centuries),

Also curious, named for the immense stone reliefs that decorate the corners of the building.

The old Plaza Mayor, the true axis of Ronda, Malaga.

Truly, the most significant local buildings are located, especially the collegiate church of Santa María de la Encarnación.

Evidently, our stile is : Gothic, Renaissance and baroque.

La plaza de toros.

The oldest in Spain, of  1785  and  the third most visited monument in the Andalusian Autonomous Community.

In addition,  its ring, with 66 mts. in diameter, it is the widest in the world.

Every year, at the beginning of September, a Goyesque bullfight is held.

La casa del rey moro (The House of the Moorish King).

Declared a National Monument in 1945.

Neo-Mudejar style house designed by the Duchess of Parcent in the early 20th century.

The Garden was  designed by Jean Nicolas Forestier.

La Mina del Agua  (the water mine).

Built at the beginning of the 14th century.

Inside the mine there are 231 steps carved into the rock that lead down to the river below.

A total distance of 60 meters, with a depth of 30 meters.

That make up an impregnable fortress with which the city defended the essential water supply.

Another interesting aspect of the fortress was that the stone walls were soundproofed.

According to popular culture, the mine is rumored to be the secret location of the Abomelic king´s gold.

Many people in Ronda believe that the treasure is yet to be discovered.

Most of the rumors could have started with Christian slaves working on the water.

Wheel freed after the city fell to the Catholic kings, Isabel and Fernando, in 1485.

What are the typical dishes of  Ronda, Malaga.

Ronda, Malaga  is an enclave where hunting has been the basis of the diet since the city’s Arab past. 

This cultural tradition and this mixture of cultures means that the flavors of many different peoples are present in many of the dishes.

First all, trying the partridge in sauce and the rabbit with garlic, which are the most common and tasty game meats.

Our privileged climate it enjoys makes it ideal for growing high quality vegetables and legumes.

Second, Broad beans with ham or tomato, pumpkin or the famous gazpacho that in Ronda Malaga tastes better than anywhere else. .

Third, some typical dishes such as the delicious rondeñas crumbs with chorizo ​​and bacon.

And finish with the porridge, the oxtail and the goat stew.

Near the bullring. It is the best place for to rest and regain strength by trying the old cuisine of the area.

Quiet, with tradition and decorated with paintings and bullfighting motifs.

Careful preparation of the traditional dishes of the Ronda cuisine, exquisite desserts and an extensive list of local wines.

Ronda’s pastries.

Arab culture is still very present in the pastries of Ronda.

For that reason honey and almonds are very present in the local desserts.

Pestiños, yemas del Tajo and cosquillas are perfect desserts to end a good banquet.

Do not hesitate to book a booking with to visit Ronda.

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Ronda Malaga in the film culture.

Ferdinand, first the book and then the movie.

A film from 2017.

By Blue Sky  and 20 TH Century Fox .

Based on the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand (The Story of Ferdinand) by the writer Munro Leaf in 1936.

Illustrator Robert Lawson made the drawings for the story based on Ronda Malaga,

Because Ronda has the oldest and most beautiful bullring in Spain,

 Perhaps he decided to use this location as a backdrop for his illustrations,  including  the New Bridge, its main streets and squares.

Due to its message in favor of peace and tolerance,  Ferdinand was one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite books.

Thomas Mann and H. G. Wells, as well as personalities such as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Also on Christmas Eve, in Sweden it is a tradition that a short about Ferdinando is broadcast on television.

Actress Sandra Bullock appears reading Ferdinand the Bull’s book to her son in the movie A Possible Dream (2009).

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