Ojen Marbella

Ojen Marbella

The curious history of Ojen, Marbella.

The  King Alfonso Trece, came on a hunt at the Refugio de Juanar, Parador Nacional since 1965.

The town of Ojén is located 10 kilometers from Marbella.

which is why it has always the visit of famous personalities.

For example, in the 18th century the British chronicler Francis Carter…

described it as “a town of friendly and simple people…

Who do not know tea and coffee, but who enjoys goat’s milk in their clay cups “.

Tourism is, therefore, one of their main sources of income.

Although they coexist with traditional agricultural work.

It distinguishes itself as a quaint little white town with steep, narrow streets and houses lavishly with flowers.

Some of the curiosities of Ojén are its numerous caves.

Another is its annual flamenco festival, “El Castillo del Cante” and through which the great figures of the moment parade;

Lastly, the most famous guardian in the world.

Pedro Morales guarded his recipe so jealously that, upon his death, it was lost and his son could no longer get the same flavor.

What to visit in  Ojen, Marbella.

Ojén is close to the beach, and has places of natural beauty around it with a more relaxed atmosphere than the coastal cities.

 In a single day it is possible to go all over it and relive the typical atmosphere of the Andalusian villages.

Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation.

In the main square of the town.

From the early sixteenth century, with a single nave with a beautiful Mudejar coffered ceiling.

Its bell tower stands out, which takes advantage of the minaret of an old mosque on which it was built.

Also the two palm trees on its main facade give it a touch of exotic.

Fountain of the Chorros.

As is typical, located in the center of the square

Large and five pipes, from 1905.

Oil Mill Museum.

From 1800, it shows how oil was extracted in times past.

The machinery, original, is put into operation for demonstrations.

Aguardiente Museum.

“Una copita de Ojén”, popular song in Spain for over a hundred years.

It was referring to one of Ojén’s best kept secrets, its brandy.

This liquor was exported to America and was known internationally until its disappearance among legends and secrets.

Picasso painted it in his painting Still Life Spanish and Camilo José Cela and Rosalía de Castro included it in some of their novels.

The Maharani from Kapurtala, Anita Delgado, even took him to the Far East .

She liked to order a glass of Ojén in Paris.

In the Aguardiente Museum we find information panels with the history of the liquor and its legend…

With photographs of labels from all over the world, awards, old containers, etc.

In addition to one of the few bottles that still contains the brandy from Ojén …

And that until now has been kept in the office of the successive mayors of the town…

inheriting the bottle along with the appointment.

The caves The Ojén caves are one of the most unique elements that the town has.

Of karst origin, they were used as shelter for animals and storage of forages and food.

You can visit two, the Bajas and the Altas.

The low caves are rehabilitated for cultural uses. In the highlands there is a viewpoint, from which you can see the entire town and the Mediterranean very close.

The eras In ancient times they were used as grape dryers and later as a grain threshing machine.

The looker From this emblematic place we can see the whole town and get to touch the sea with the tips of our fingers.

Where to eat in Ojén.

Mesón Lorente.

Organic meat and fish and good homemade desserts.

El Portero Tavern.

Tapas and portions of homemade food from the area with local wines.

The Mesón Casa Nueva restaurant.

Located in a farm at the exit of the highway that leads to the town of Ojén from Marbella.

Malaga marriage specialized in preparing good dishes with the rabbit as the protagonist.

Also the best red meats in the area prepared on the grill.

With incredible views of the mountains you can enjoy a long after-dinner under the shade of fruit trees.

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