Nerja Caves

Nerja Caves.

Nerja Caves, the Natural Cathedral of Malaga.

First of all, in Nerja Caves is the largest stalactite in the world.

Specifically, it is located in the Hall of Cataclysms and its age is about 450,000 years.

Further, this cave has witnessed much of the history of mankind, you must visit it.

Reasons to visit the Caves.

First, Nicknamed this for their huge natural vaults covered in stalactites.

Second, This cave is an Asset of Cultural Interest

Third, the formation of this cave is produced by the rainwater that dissolves the rock as it filters.

Finally, this process originated more than 5 million years ago in the Cueva de Nerja.

Recent history of the  Caves.

At first They were five teenage friends who went up one afternoon to the mountain to hunt bats from Maro. 

While looking for bats to catch some “play” with them for a while, a large group caught their attention.

So, the five friends searched and found a cavity among some stalagmites.

Of course, those young people between 14 and 21 years old discovered the lair of the bats.

Later, La Cueva  became the natural monument that receives the most visits in Andalusia.

 Currently, a third of its surface can be visited, the area known as Low or Tourist Galleries.

By  9,371 square meters.

After its inauguration, in 1960, La Cueva begins to receive public.

For that reason everything had been kept intact inside.

Archaeological values of the Nerja Caves.

The cave of Nerja  dwellers fed on monk seals, dolphins, and fish such as bream, snappers and groupers.

Deer and seals appear in its cave paintings, drawn in charcoal with the remains of burned wood.

Every year since 1960 the Cueva de Nerja as a natural auditorium for the Music and Dance Festival.

Nerja Caves Public Services Foundation

Nerja Caves is an exceptional heritage site.of Cultural Interest with the category of Archaeological Zone.


The activity will take place on Fridays, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., starting in July 2020. 


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