Mijas Costa (Málaga)

Mijas Costa, Malaga.

His geographic situation. 

Mijas Costa, Malaga  is one of the largest municipalities in the province.

With a little more than 147 square kilometers.

This coast also keeps traces of the past, such as the beacon towers of:

Calahonda, Calaburra, La Nueva and La Vieja de la Cala del Moral …

The municipality is divided into three nucleus:

Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas and La Cala.

His activities and economy.

The local economy is not only based on tourism.

There is also the fishing activity that contributes to tourism as a leisure activity.

There are places like the Mijas Sports City where swimmers from Malaga are trained daily..

Or the Nautical Club, which encourages sailing.

In Las Lagunas, we find a greater industrial and commercial activity.

The beaches of Mijas Costa, Malaga.

The Mijas town covers a huge space – about 150 square kilometers –

Between the mountains that give the town its name and the sea.

That is why all the beaches of Mijas have a perfect complement…

to add to the offer that has been delimiting since the ‘boom’ of mass tourism.

Thus, from west to east, next to the Marbella beach of Artola or Cabopino...

We find Playa de la Luna, the first of the Mijas beaches..

And which is included in the coast of Calahonda..

A coastal area that extends to the beach of El Bombo :

The beach of the Moon, Mijas Costa, Malaga.

It is the first beach in the Calahonda area.

One of the quietest in Mijas.

In addition, it is on the border with Marbella.

From Cabopino beach through the sand we can reach it.

It has some services, not too many.

Algaida beach, Mijas Costa, Malaga.

So we can enjoy a relaxed day at the beach in an almost exclusive place: Playa de Algaida.

It is a beach very similar to that of the Moon and shares with it very limited services.

Also fine, clear sand in front of very clean waters.

Very little frequented.

Calahonda beach, Mijas Costa, Malaga.

On Calahonda beach we can see different areas.

From the most urbanized with nearby houses and establishments…

to the most virgin with abundant vegetation.

Narrow and quiet, Calahonda beach is characterized by its small and irregular inlets..

Also projections.

Too by its medium-grained golden sand and moderate waves that allow diving and fishing.

The beaches of Alcasur, Riviera and Cabo Rocoso.

They are linked and are complementary to each other.

Divided by the mind of man more than by the differentiation of its landscape.

They are well located beaches that have large bathing areas.

But also small cliffs and breakers, which provide La Cala de Mijas with a beautiful landscape.

These beaches have a cleaning service that keeps them spotless every day.

Throughout the year and hammock rental services.

They are perfect for spending a day with the family…

Trying to find out which exact beach we are on.

That, only the purest locals will be able to tell us.

Bombo beach, Mijas Costa, Malaga.

After the Calahonda area comes La Cala, its first beach being El Bombo beach.

It is characterized by a moderate swell and dark sand.

Being its degree of occupation quite high since the bathing conditions are favorable.

Of course, its ideal to enjoy with the whole family.

Also to make other bathers participate in the joy and vitality of our children.

In addition, this beach is optimal for scuba diving due to the transparency of its waters.

In case we want to muffle the screaming by putting our head under the sea.

 La Butibamba – La Cala.

With a phonetically African name and another derived from its proximity to the Cala del Moral stream.

Is located in the very center of the La Cala de Mijas promenade.

Moreover, has waters of moderate swell and dark sand of medium grain.

Besides  to harboring some rocky area where we can find marine fauna such as sea urchins.

It is especially advisable not to step on the sea urchins.

The waters are usually calm so, in general, they present a high degree of occupation.

In fact, this area also has a lively nightlife on weekends.

Finally, in the summer it becomes the scene of various musical events.

The beaches of Sheriff, Las Doradas and El Chaparral.

In the area of ​​La Cala, after the Butibamba.

El Chaparral beach is characterized by its moderate waves and its dark sand…

In which some areas of rocks are distinguished.

It has a medium occupancy level.

Especially suitable for for windsurfing, sailing and diving.

Not only renting a hammock.

But also a pedal boat with a slide with which to get a good buck when we slip.

Charcón beach, Mijas Costa, Malaga.

  Essentially,  tranquility and transparent waters.

With modest services, indicated to spend a quiet day without major surprises.

Calaburras Lighthouse Beach.

Fundamentally it is a quiet beach.

Because it is surrounded by low cliffs …

Which provide great beauty.
Actually, it is a small cape …

Things that make it special: the Little Blue.

First of all, it is one of the few rocky outcrops in Malaga.
Above all: it is the meeting place between Mediterranean and Atlantic waters.
Also, under its waters we located the last populations of the Posidonia oceanica underwater plant.
Therefore, it is a privileged area for diving.
And to finish: it is one of the most important in the province of Malaga …
For the observation of seabirds
Mainly during the periods of passage and wintering.

Peñón del Cura Beach.

 Famous for its clean and crystalline waters.

Also for being an area where we can relax and sunbathe in peace.

It has hammocks, is prepared for the disabled and has public showers.

Well known among local fishermen and attracts numerous tourists throughout the summer.

In addition, it is the last beach in Mijas since the next one belongs to the municipality of Fuengirola.

The best restaurant in Mijas Costa.


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