Maro/Nerja (Málaga)

Village of Maro/Nerja

Monuments to visit in Maro Nerja Malaga.

Aqueduct of the eagle 

From the 19th century.

In ancient times to transport water to the Maro/Nerja Malaga sugar factory.

Now is currently used for the irrigation of the local community.

Cerro Gordo watchtower.

Tower from the 16th century .

Its purpose: defense against pirate attacks.

Torre de La Caleta.

Watchtower from the Arab period located within the protected park of the Cliffs of Maro.

Maro’s Nerja Malaga watchtower.

From here you can see beautiful sunsets that are difficult to describe in words.

The biodiversity of the Maro mountains.

The Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Park forms a narrow strip parallel to the coast, 12 kilometers wide.

This place contains a high environmental value.

Due to the peculiarity of its geological formations and the great biodiversity it houses.

Both in its land space and in the interior of the maritime mile.

Marine fauna and flora: the Little Blue.

Where caves and steep seabeds give rise to numerous species, both flora and fauna, which populate its seabed.

Among its marine fauna we find sponges, corals, anemones, shrimp, spider crab and lobster.

 You can also see the orange coral, which is a species listed as vulnerable to extinction.

As for the fish, the moray eel and the grouper are abundant.

All of them result of the great variety of habitats.

Too,  we can see many kinds of seabirds, like the laughing gull, herring gull and the shadow gull.

We can even spot goshawks and hawks.

The best beaches in Maro Nerja Malaga.

La Caleta de Maro or small cove.

Wonderful cove in Nerja that everyone should know.

Not because I say so, but because it was named the second best beach in Spain.

If you decide to visit it, I advise you to get up early, since parking is difficult.

In addition, it is equipped, it lacks some services such as the restaurant.

Alberquillas Beach in Maro Nerja Malaga.

Totally virgin beach without any type of services.

More than a small shower with direct water from a spring that comes from the mountains.

If what you are looking for is a beach in Nerja without crowds, this is yours.

Maro Nerja Malaga Beach

Easily accessible beach located in Maro , a district of Nerja located about 4 km from the town.

It is a perfect place to rent a kayak  and explore all the cliffs.

Take advantage and enjoy its wonderful landscapes.

Molino de Papel Beach.

Beautiful beach whose name comes from an existing mill in the vicinity.

Which was dedicated to the manufacture of paper.

Of all the beaches in Maro , it is the most unspoiled of all.

Cañuelo Beach.

Incredible beach located after Maro.

Access restricted to vehicles in summer due to its conservation, which makes it even more charming.

A very clean beach, with crystal clear water that invites you to dive and discover its abundant marine fauna and flora.

And it  is known for its numerous underwater caves.

Things to do in Maro Nerja Malaga.


A boat trip allows the visitor to approach places not very accessible and of great beauty.

We can also observe  families of dolphins that cross the Mediterranean, we recommend

What to eat in Maro.

The typical products of the current gastronomy of Maro are fish.

Too tropical fruits such as avocado, custard apple and mango, among others.

Delicious dishes with the excellent fish from its small coves.

Some of them are: pickled anchovies, sardine skewers and avocado salads.

They must also prove the  paprika with fish and clams.

And of course the delicious fried fish dishes likeanchovies, squid and sole.

In addition, very close to Maro is the town of Nerja.

There you can enjoy a multitude of restaurants.

 Where to eat near Maro.

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