Manílva (Málaga)

Manilva, Malaga.

On a second line of the beach is Manilva, Malaga.

To start with that: Manilva, Malaga is a municipality that stands out for its beauty.

Because of their clean and crystalline waters.

With a blue flag for its high quality and the care of its services.

Geographic situation of Manilva, Malaga.

Manilva is 97 kilometers from the Malaga capital and 35 from Gibraltar.

Therefore, Manilva is the westernmost town in the province of Malaga.

First, this charming town still has many Muscat vineyards in its surroundings.

Secondly, the backdrop is the blue of the Mediterranean that bathes its coastal strip.

Where the Manilveño nucleus of San Luis de Sabinillas is located.

Thirdly, Manilva’s economy was largely based on agriculture and fishing.

Although increasingly on tourism, thanks to its inland landscape.

After that,  in its closest environment, a large concentration of golf courses.

Manilva, Malaga: Sun and Sea.

In the coastal landscape, in addition to having a first-rate marina (Puerto de la Duquesa).

Currently being the center of greatest tourist activity.

Welcoming hotels and urbanizations mark their presence…

Inviting you to spend a good beach vacation, sun and sea.

Despite the fact that the main activity in the municipality is tourism.

And to a lesser extent agriculture and fishing, the area has preserved its customs.

For its part, the coast of Manilva meets the Alboran Sea.

Creating a two-water environment…

Where the practice of diving offers underwater landscapes…

Of great beauty to those who dive in search of new experiences.

Its rich gastronomy.

Of course, the most in the gastronomy of the municipality is the fish and shellfish.

For their freshness and natural flavor.

Whether they are prepared in a simple way on the grill or in the oven.

Or if they are cooked in tasty stews.

There are numerous restaurants and bars.

That offer a rich and varied range of fish to be combined with a local wine.

Although the most traditional way of eating them is fried.

And this is where we highlight the famous “malagueña fritura”.

Without forgetting the moraga, act of roasting sardines in the open air.

Generally on the shore from the sea.

And the traditional Muscat grape, which can also be enjoyed in brandy and raisins.

Tapas is also a good way to open up to Manilveño cuisine…

And taste the culinary art with small portions of the many tapas on offer.

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Manílva (Málaga)
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