Capital of Spain.

Madrid offer makes it one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Also due to the extraordinary beauty of its streets and squares.

it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Why is Madrid the capital of Spain?

Toledo, Valladolid, Seville, Cádiz, Valencia, Barcelona..

And Burgos were also the capital of Spain.

The possibility that Felipe II decided to move the capital to Madrid in 1561…

Is considered due to its strategic position.

In the town the roads that went to cities as important as Burgos, León and Salamanca crossed.

And it was also at the same distance from Toledo and Valladolid.

One fine day, Felipe II notified his Court (that is, all the staff who served him).

That they were all moving to Madrid.

Without explanations, without telling them if they would return to Toledo one day.

The monarch started from scratch:

there were no bishops, no aristocrats, and no one who would contradict him.

Isabel de Valois, the king’s wife, was not at all happy in Toledo.

She suffocated in the alleys of the city and felt oppressed by the walls that protected her.

To make matters worse, the climate of Toledo brought her down the path of bitterness.

His contempt for the royal residence, as well as his taste for Madrid.

Could have motivated the displacement of the entire Court. Madrid, the gastronomic capital.

Madrid, gastronomic capital of Europe.

According to The New York Times, one of the great assets of Madrid is its gastronomy.

It has stopped being a great tapas bar to become…

One of the most cosmopolitan places from a culinary point of view.

Along with the calamares a la romana and patatas bravas…

There are very worthy representatives of :

Japanese, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Peruvian, Mexican or Indian cuisine.

Punto MX is the only restaurant specialized in this Michelin star cuisine in the world.

Among the most interesting restaurants, highlighted by the American newspaper, are:

First: Amazónico.

Second: Ten con Ten.

Third: Quintín.

Fourth: BiBo Madrid, by the Malaga chef Dani García.

Fifth: Chuka Ramen Bar, specialized in a Japanese street food.

Last but not least: DiverXO, by David Muñoz.

Since the only restaurant in the capital with three Michelin stars.

Madrid and the markets.

Another attraction for this travel bible is the recovery of old spaces.

Also buildings to transform them into markets.

Such as the former Carlos III cinema.

For example, now converted into the Platea gastronomic space.

Or the San Miguel market.

Whithout a doubt, a place of pilgrimage for all tourists.

Innovative places such as Macera

A space where all the liquors they sell are distilled by hand.

Also attract attention in the United States.

Madrid and the museums.

“It does not have beaches but it has everything, a great cultural attraction”.

 In addition to large museums, such as the Prado.

Or the Thyssen.

There are other smaller ones, such as:


The Romántico.

Lázaro Galdiano.

Or the Sorolla Museum.

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