La Herradura (Granada)

La Herradura, Almuñecar.

Geographic location.

La Herradura, Almuñécar is very well communicated with Malaga, Granada and Almería.

It is the last coastal urban nucleus in the province of Granada.

Towards the west and limits with the district of Maro, in Nerja.

Nearby is the Sierra de la Almijara.

It is a coastal town with white and steep streets, located in the center of a wide cove.

Between Cerro Gordo and Maro.

In the center of town is La Herradura beach.

To the west are Cerro Gordo and Cantarriján beach.

La Herradura is one of the few areas of the Granada coast.

That maintains a small area of ​​virgin vegetation and fauna.

Declared a Natural Area in the 80s.

It has the most prestigious diving centers in the south of the peninsula.

To the east is Punta de la Mona: with the Marina del Este.

Famous are Los Berengueles beach and El Muerto naturist beach.

La Herradura, magnet for artists.

La Herradura is the ideal image we have of the blue Mediterranean.

Due to this rugged coastline, surrounded by pine forests …

This microclimate is generated that provides a sweet climate throughout the year.

And for its privileged orography and its always clean waters.

Nobody remembers how it all started, but someone had to be the first.

Then the others had to join, little by little …

Today it registers one of the largest concentrations of poets, novelists and artists in Spain.

It is a small Athens thanks to the attraction it exerts on sensitive and inspired souls.

Herradura Beach, Almuñecar.

It is a very popular beach, over 2 km long and almost 50 m wide.

Medium-grained dark sand and pebbles, so the water is blue and transparent.

Posse a long walk with swings in the sand and a playground …

And multiple services such as: disabled access …

Surveillance and rescue equipment …

Rental of showers, hammocks and umbrellas.

And, above all, very good beach bars.

All of this makes it a favorite destination for families with young children.

Besides being a paradise for lovers of diving and windsurfing.

Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Park.

The impressive cliffs form a landscape of exceptional beauty.

With numerous underwater caves that can be visited.

The exceptional nature of the landscape invites you to enter it.

You can find out:

Diving to see the rich variety of marine fauna and flora up close.

Or by boat to access caves and grottos.

Even from above observing birds of prey.

Where to eat in La Herradura.

We recommend the paella that they make in:

El Chambao de Joaquín on Sundays.

And reserve a table for dinner at the   Bola Marina restaurant

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La Herradura (Granada)
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