La Alcaidesa (Cádiz)

La Alcaidesa, Cadiz.

Geographic situation.

On the Linea de la Concepción is Playa de la Alcaidesa, also known as El Balneario.

The beach is in an almost intact condition and offers beautiful views over the Rock and Morocco.

La Alcaidesa, beaches and golf.

1- La Alcaidesa Beach.

This beach with moderate waves and dark sand is comfortable to go with children.

It has all the services offered by the beaches with the distinctive Blue Flag…

Of clean seas and there we find a wide range of services:

For example, toilets, showers, surveillance, bars, cafes and restaurants.

In its main access, a rocky group appears between the waters.

Also  forms the main point of reference for users.

In the extension of the beach, several streams flow on the shore…

Marking the limits of the municipal area of ​​La Línea de la Concepción.

La Alcaidesa Beach, in San Roque, has an area of ​​about 1.5 km and lacks a promenade.

Due to the winds and waves that appear as a result of them…

it is possible for those who dare to practice some of the maritime sports par excellence.

Such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, sailing and diving.

2- Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort.

It is located in a unique environment…

Surrounded by the exquisite golf courses of Sotogrande and Valderrama.

Also by emblematic municipalities such as:

San Roque and La Línea and Gibraltar.

It has a total of 36 professional holes with spectacular views of the sea, Gibraltar and Africa.

San Roque, the town of La Alcaidesa.

Basically, is a typical Andalusian town whose old town was declared a Historic Site.

It is a quiet destination to enjoy a few days of vacation with the family.

That offers splendid beaches and monuments that we can visit.

Such as the Church of Santa María Coronada and the Palace of the Governors.

Historical heritage .

Church of Santa Maria Coronada.

 18th century on the remains…

Of the old hermitage of San Roque dating from 1508.

Moreover is located at the end of Calle San Felipe.

Governors Palace.

 In the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Although formerly this square had the curious name of “Plaza de las Verduras”.

It is said that in this Palace, part of the strategy to carry out the attacks…

In the siege of Gibraltar was developed.

The San Roque Tourist Office.

holds the “Q” for quality certification.

And in it we can find out about the various activities carried out…


First: guided gastronomic routes.

second: : routes to natural landscapes.

Third: golf tournaments.

Finally:  activities cultural for the whole family.

Where to eat near La Alcaidesa.

Casa Mané Restaurant.

The only establishment in Campo de Gibraltar recommended by the Michelin Guide-

Bases its offer on raw materials from the Bay of Algeciras.

Casa Mané Restaurant is in the middle of a eucalyptus forest.

Therefore  small oasis located on the beach of Palmones with views of the Rock.

Too a huge merchant ship that is anchored in the Bay of Algeciras.

This district of Los Barrios, in Campo de Gibraltar…

Which was once a fishing village.

Is now a somewhat chaotic conglomeration of industrial estates…

thermal power plants, steel factories and commercial parks.

It seems incredible that we are in an ideal location for birdlife…

With more than 350 species registered…

Which covers the main migratory front on its intercontinental journey.

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