Istan Marbella

Istan Marbella

The Fountain of the Costa del Sol”.

Istan Marbella is located in the province of Malaga, at an altitude of 300 meters.

Also just 15 km from the beaches of Marbella.

It is accessed by a mountain road. Its 1,400 inhabitants of Istán come from 25 different countries.

Too, Istan is a municipality of Arab origin located in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, at 3oo m. altitude.

Nor should we forget that in a few minutes you can be enjoying the beaches of Marbella or playing golf.

Because it is only 15 km from Marbella. Its old ditches of Moorish origin and its abundant sources of fresh waters…

Will accompany you all the way while you walk through its streets.

The most striking is the El Chorro Fountain and Lavadero.

Its 7 crystalline water pipes stand out and its basins to which the women went to wash the family’s clothes every week…

And enjoy the conversation.

The water, present in every corner of the white town, remains calm in the Concepción reservoir…

With magnificent views from the Tajo Banderas.

The origin of istan, Marbella.

According to ancient chronicles, the city was founded in 1448.

Year in which a battle was fought on the banks of the Verde River.

The Muslims took refuge in present-day Istán. Which means “higher”.

There they built their fortress, and around it the city was formed.

After the defeat and expulsion of the Moors, by the Catholic kings, this area, one of the richest in the entire region …

Thanks to the production of silk and the cultivation of the vine, it was almost uninhabited

. Later it was repopulated by Murcians, who spoke a dialect known as “panocho” …

Hence the name by which the indigenous people of Istán are still known

Important monuments of Istan, Marbella.

We can start our visit by Torre de Escalante, from the 15th century.

From the Nasrid period and declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

The Tower preserves the courtyard of the stables, a semicircular arch and a vaulted enclosure.

We continue with the church of San Miguel, from the 16th century and the scene…

Of the battles between Christians and Arabs.

It has a single nave with wooden coffered ceilings and carved images of great value.

Finally, we recommend a visit to the hermitage of San Miguel.

Near Istán and located inside a cave

From there you will be able to capture some beautiful images to remember:

The mountains, the Verde river valley and in the background, the blue Mediterranean.

To the end to visit, we recommend that you visit the Water Museum and Interpretation Center.

In this exhibition and interpretation space you will be able to learn a little more about the historical relationship…

Of water resources in the Sierra de las Nieves region.

Where to eat in Istan, Marbella.

El Barón Restaurant.

Essentially, traditional cuisine: Game meats, mountains, sea and garden products.

With very good value for money, they also serve their tapas at the bar.

Very close to the square in a centuries-old house with spectacular views .

On the coldest days of winter, a perfect place to enjoy while warming up near the fireplace.

Troyano Bar.

Friendly family restaurant, located in the center of town.

Very frequented by the locals, who enjoy their homemade food.

We recommend their soups, salmorejo and custard.

They offer excellent tapas, such as:

Migas, tomato soup, collard greens, goat, rabbit with garlic, croquettes …

Bar La Cueva:

Traditional Andalusian cuisine.
Also tapas bar, wines, beers and homemade sausages.
We recommend ordering a caña (long glass of draft beer).
Because it always comes with a tapa., a reliable Company.

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