The City of La Alhambra.

“If we were to visit one city in Spain, that should be Granada”. Ernest Hemingway.

“Every curious traveler keeps Granada in his heart, even without having visited”. William Shakespeare.

“What work light leaves Granada” Federico García Lorca (1898-1936).

“You should see Alhambra and Granada It’s like a fairy work.

It is magic, glory and love, not like anything known” François René (1768-1848). French writer and traveler.

“I begin to think that there is an even greater pleasure than to see Granada and is to see her again “Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

Granada is the Alhambra and the gardens, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, convents and monasteries…

The old islamic district Albayzin where the sunset is famous in the world or the Sacromonte…

Where the gipsys perform flamenco shows in the caves where they used to live…

Granada is this and many more things.

Come and see it with Telecabbie because its main streets are closed to traffic.

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Reasons for visit Granada.

Its size

Granada is a city of a medium size, even a small one, and that is one of its best qualities.

Because it is very pleasant to visit on foot.

You can go through the entire historic center and stroll through the Albaicín quietly…

while enjoying the beauties of the city, and with a little effort, reach the Alhambra…

Which is undoubtedly the highlight.

Its history and culture.

Granada is one of those cities where each step has something to tell.

It has an enormous cultural content, from its most famous neighborhoods…

Passing through the Alcaicería, the Cathedral and, above all…

The Alhambra, which itself isa city with more cultural content than many other cities around the world.

La Alhambra.

The name Alhambra has its origins in an Arabic word that means “red or vermilion castle”.

Perhaps due to the color tone of the towers and walls that completely surround the hill of La Sabica…

Which under the light of the stars is silver, but under sunlight it takes on a golden hue.

We take you to discover the most beautiful fortress in the world.

Visit this page of the Alhambra Pedagogical Association and buy your tickets:

El flamenco.

Flamenco began to cross borders in the 19th century.

At that time, many travelers, mainly Europeans…

Came to Granada marveling at the Alhambra, its people and the Sierra Nevada.

The gypsy town was one of the main attractions.

The romantic movement admired those extremely humble people.

But who lived with joy and possessed a peculiar art, flamenco.

Foreigners are usually struck by the large number of flamenco tablaos.

For travelers, the Sacromonte neighborhood has been and is the culmination of flamenco art in Granada. 

And although flamenco is not only a matter for gypsies.

The truth is that they have known better than anyone to channel flamenco towards a way of life and business, “tablaos”.

Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada is probably the most special and awaited destination for all lovers of mountain sports and hiking.

It has hosted sports at the Olympic Games and is one of the key places in the city of Granada.

This enormous natural fortress served as a refuge for the Moors until,

After numerous rebellions and uprisings, they were expelled in the middle of the 16th century after the Aben-Humeya uprising.

Sierra Nevada is in itself an element of cultural identity for the people of these lands.

We take you on a walk to discover it and enjoy its beautiful panoramic views and its ski slopes and wonderful hotels.

Their beaches.

Its special microclimate and geographical location make it the place of a great number of summer activities. 

Tourism, water sports, beautiful beaches, urbanizations and subtropical crops make this coastal area a place of unsuspected contrasts.

Almuñécar, the largest tourist center on the entire Costa Tropical.

And Salobreña, an impressive white village perched on a rock and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Are two places to go to rest and enjoy without worrying about anything and without stress.

We take care of everything, because for You come first.

Granada´s gastronomy

Granada, as in all of Spain, has excellent gastronomic products, but in addition to this, it has the famous “Tapas”.

Tapas are dishes that are put together with the drink (any drink) for free.

This is the culture of the city, and in any bar you can enjoy it.

Many people, especially abroad, are impressed by this.

Telecabbie recommend you for tapas Bar los Diamantes.

Sacromonte omelette, a Spanish omelette featuring a few certain parts of a bull- we’ll leave it at that.

Broad beans with ham.

Gazpacho, cold, tomato-based vegetable soup.

Salaíllas, salted bread.

Churros with chocolate in the coffee bar that people from Granada like Cafe Futbol.

Alpujarra migas, fried bread crumbs seasoned with garlic and paprika.

White garlic, a cold, almond-based soup.

Alpujarra dish, fried potatoes, fried egg, cured ham, and spicy sausage.

Poor potatoes, a simple, tasty dish with fried potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and various seasonings.

But if you want to enjoy a relaxed dinner, visit Restaurant La Alameda .

El Huerto de Juan Ranas,the best views of the Alhambra.

Trust in  to enjoy the most relaxed and safe trips during your vacations.

We will gladly take you to discover all the secret corners of Granada.

The environment of Granada.

We not only say it because of the quality of the University of Granada.

But also because of the number of students who come to the city.

Both Spaniards as foreigners, and that make the city more alive, younger and more cheerful.

To go for drinks, stroll down Calle de Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, famous for its nightlife and pubs.

Your views.

The Mirador de San Nicolás is a place from which everyone is ecstatic as soon…

As they sit on its hill and stare at the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and the entire city of Granada.

A magical place that appears in all the travel guides and postcards of the city.

For Granada, choose how you want to travel, in telecabbie services.

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