Fuengirola (Málaga)

Fuengirola, Malaga.

 Beaches & golf .

Fuengirola, Malaga  is  located on the Costa del Sol…

Also  is the clear exponent of deep Andalusian feeling.

This town offers the visitor a wide stretch of coastline.

Full of incredible and beautiful beaches.

Fuengirola has a long tourist tradition.

Why it has a wide range of services and infrastructures.

Among which you will find horse riding centers,.

Also golf courses.

Of course, restaurants and leisure parks.

Even with all of the above…

One of the characteristics that best defines Fuengirola:

Is its desire to preserve the numerous traces left by the civilizations.

His  history.

Sohail Castle.

Is located at the mouth of the Fuengirola River.

On a small isolated hill that rises 38 meters above sea level.

The magnificent geographical location of this place allowed.

Since ancient times, the continued settlement…

Of its slopes by Punics and Romans.

Its beaches.

As Fuengirola lives overlooking the Mediterranean.

So, its 8 km. of beaches integrated into the urban area.

Moreover , have the distinction of “Q” for tourist quality.

Because  the magnificent maintenance.

Of course, and quality of its waters and sands.

There are 7 beaches in Fuengirola:

First: Carvajal.


Third:Las Gaviotas.

Fourth: Los Boliches.

Fitht: San Francisco.

Sixth: Sta. Amalia.

Lastly: El Egido.

Consequently, Fuengirola lives overlooking the Mediterranean.

Hence, its eight kilometers of coastline are flanked …

By its exceptional Paseo Marítimo.

Open to the sea like an immense balcony…

Where the life of Fuengiroleños and visitors bustles at all hours.

Bioparc Fuengirola.

Next to the Plaza de Toros, is the Bioparc Fuengirola.

It is a naturalistic zoo with exotic animals from Asia and Africa.

This place is famous for having a natural environment for animals.

Here you can enjoy a tropical jungle, with rivers, lush vegetation…

And waterfalls since it is entirely dedicated…

To the conservation of tropical species.

And adapted to jungle environments.

Mainly from Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific islands.

For this reason, you can observe crocodiles by the banks of the Nile.

Also lemurs playing around an ancient Baobab tree.

Or Sumatran tigers bathing next to Angkor Wat.

2 tours are done daily – mornings and afternoons.

Shopping in Fuengirola.

In the “Miramar Shopping Center”.

Without a doubt, you can find a wide variety of shops.

Too bars and also has a multi-theater cinema.

 The city of golf.

There are 26 golf courses near Fuengirola.

Just ten minutes from the old town of Fuengirola..

There are six 18-hole golf courses.

Also within a radius of only 30 km.

You can practice golf on twenty perfectly equipped courses.

Where to eat.

Restaurante Los Marinos José.

Essentialy, an icon of seafood cuisine on the Costa del Sol!

Of course, they offer fish and shellfish from the area.

Always fresh from the fish market or caught on their own boats.


Mainly offers a menu based on the fusion.

Of Basque-Andalusian cuisine.

Also its main strength is that it has more than 400 references.

Which favors a perfect pairing with its spectacular pintxos…


Not only Chef Revelation 2015

But also they have 1 Michelin Star.

As well,  two Repsol Suns.

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