Frigiliana (Málaga)


The most beautiful town in Andalusia.

Because Frigiliana is known worldwide for being one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia.

In addition, Frigiliana has been the winner of the title to the “most beautiful town in Andalusia”.

By the Ministry of Tourism of Spain.

Basically it represents the clear example of the traditional white town of the Costa del Sol.

It is also very close to Nerja, just 6 kilometers away.

As well as 50 kilometers from the capital, Malaga.

Frigiliana, a small UN.

Because a third of its three thousand inhabitants are foreigners…

Of twenty different nationalities. And they all know each other:

the churrero is Cuban,

the craft beer distillery is Swiss. Obviously, most of the clients are foreigners …

As a consequence, this rich culture adds a certain cosmopolitan air to the town.

White, clean and bright.

First of all, Walking through Frigiliana is a delight.

Everything looks new, as if the town was built yesterday.

For example, the streets are immaculate.

The houses have fresh layers of white paint…

And thousands of colored pots in every corner.

It seems as if all the neighbors coordinated.

So that their doors and shutters were painted a different shade of green and blue.

Which produces a magnificent contrast with the white facades.

Exotic and mysterious.

In essence, the town is a maze-like network of streets.

Always with cobblestones and always on a slope.

It is in them where whitewashed houses are located that contrast …

With the reddish slate roofs and the bright blue sky.

The flower pots of bougainvillea, lavender, geraniums …

And red gypsies flowers give an interesting and beautiful touch.

Each of these houses are postcard-pictures.

Unquestionably you will travel to the past walking through its streets.

In them you will find the essence of Frigiliana…

treasures in the form of hidden symbols of Christian, Arab and Jewish origin.

The typical products of Frigiliana.

The gastronomic star of Frigiliana is its sugar cane honey:

Not in vain, the old mill of Nuestra Señora del Carmen occupies a good part of the city.

It is the only sugar cane honey factory in Europe.

It is sold in all corners of the municipality and practically throughout the province of Malaga.

Honey is followed by mango, which grows around the town.

Due to its abundance it has been adapted to local cuisine in many ways, from liquor to jam.

Like those made by María Dolores Rodríguez under the name Esencia de Frigiliana.

Dishes such as baked sweet potato also stand out in the area…

Or the chutney made with medlars and spices.

And finally, You must try: Frigiliana Artisan Chocolate…

In their varieties with chili, salt, sugar cane honey, olive oil or banana.

And the Axarquia craft beer. Architectural wonders of Frigiliana.

The most interesting points of the town, are:

First of all, Old Fountain.

Second, the Real Exposito.

Third, the Church of San Antonio.

Finally, the Renaissance Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana.

Some monuments to visit.

We definitely recommend:

The House of the Apero.

 The Casa del Apero was built in the 17th century.

Where the Tourist Office is currently located.

Also the Historical Museum (first museum of archeology of the Axarquía).

  And of course, the Municipal Library.

The wit Actually, The Manor House of Los Condes, Also called El Ingenio.

It was built at the end of the 16th century by the Manrique de Lara family.

The line created the sugar cane plantation to later build a cane honey factory.

By the way, it owes its nickname to the many industrial systems they designed to optimize work in the factory.

The Tower Another interesting enclave that you cannot miss in Frigiliana is El Torreón.

Later a barn was transformed and later into a house. Where to eat in Frigiliana ?.

Probably the most hidden and charming place they have ever visited.

However, it will undoubtedly be the best 6km trip. they do.

Because it is located in the heart of the Sierra Tejeda Natural Park.

Among rosemary and thyme plants, on a curve, El Acebuchal appears.

Basically it is a tiny village. Formerly (in the 40s) it was evicted by the Civil Guard.

In this way they wanted to prevent its inhabitants from helping the maquis that populated the mountains.

In the 80s, a family descended from those people began to rehabilitate the abandoned houses.

Today there are already thirty houses.

In half live some families who have also opted for this corner.

The other half is rented for tourist stays.

Where to eat in Frigiliana.

The best views of Frigiliana.

Restaurante El Mirador.

In the historic center of Frigiliana, the highest part of the town.

During the ascent you will be able to admire the landscape.

Discover Frigiliana and the charm of its historical part.

Rafael and Ros Mari have been serving delicious dishes almost 40 years …

With beef  imported from Argentina,  and  lamb baked at a low temperature.

Although they also take care of their dishes suitable for vegetarians in detail.

We recommend for a romantic dinner.

Arrive in time to watch the sunset by candlelight …

Enjoying the Frigiliana wine and its beautiful views.

One of the best things to do after visiting the villa.

Relax listening to chill out music on your large terrace integrated into the mountain.

To finish, try their homemade cakes…

Such as Frigiliana’s raisin and cane honey bread pudding.

Come and enjoy it.

In the middle of the field.

El Acebuchal.

While Antonio worked as a bricklayer reforming the old homes.

Many foreign hikers encouraged him to set up a small tavern there in which to have coffee or a beer.

In the end he decided with his brother Sebastián to set up a small tavern where they served tapas.

Over time this small family business became a rural house and a restaurant.

The family has a predilection for recipes of Arab heritage.

Dishes such as lamb tagine, wild boar with chocolate or the apple strudel for dessert.

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