Estepona (Málaga)


A real urban garden.

Estepona, in a privileged setting, captivates its visitors in every nook.

Its refurbished old town, one of Andalusia’s most beautiful, offers tourists the chance to enjoy a real urban garden”.

Obviously, their labyrinth of white streets, adorned with picturesque flowerpots in bloom.

Give it the essence of a coastal Andalusian town.

Too it conserves its customs and traditions in perfect, harmonious coexistence with its more modern, tourist appearance.

The story of Estepona.

In 1456, Estepona was captured by the troops of King Henry IV of Castile.

After the 1492 reconquest of Granada, Estepona”s strategic position influenced the Catholic Monarchs”.

Their decision to rebuild the old Moslem castle,.

Later, reinforcing the south side and adding a separate fortress known as San Luis Castle .

As well as erecting a number of watchtowers along the whole of the Estepona coast. 

The first neighbors.

Protected by the fortress, 30 families settled in Estepona.

And the present-day town is directly descended form this castle.

Initially developing within its walls.

And, later, when their protection was no longer essential, stretching beyond the walled area.

Later, in  1729, a royal decree signed by Philip V granted Estepona independent town status.

Nature in Estepona

The splendid amphitheatre of the Betica mountains which dominates the Costa del Sol from Marbella to Estepona.

In addition to the Spanish fir, there are forests of black pines, gall oaks and a number of endemic species.

Most important among the mammals are the mountain goat, deer and mongoose.

Birds of prey include the Hieraetus pennatus, common falcon, sparrow hawk and golden eagle.

Their beaches.

Estepona’s beaches are of fine sand, quiet, with all the services you need.

For example, unique landscapes, where you can see the other side of the Strait with the naked eye on clear days.

Moreover, Estepona has 15 beaches with more than 23 km long!

The most attractive are:

 Playa del Cristo.

A beach with clear water and fine sand, very popular with residents of the area and visitors.

For this same, it is one of the most recognized as it forms a beautiful cove, ideal at any time of the year.

And above all, it is protected from the winds so the water is cleaner and warmer.

So which makes it an exceptional place to go with children.

Jet skis are available for rent.

Rada Beach.

It is, perhaps, the best located with respect to the municipality.

Since it is one step away from one of the main streets of Estepona.

For this same reason  it is very comfortable for those tourists who want to be close to the center.

Saladillo Beach,.

One of the largest with 6 kilometers in length, its sand is fine and gray.

Likewise,  the water is clean, making it ideal to go with the family or children.

Between dunes and pine forests of high ecological value.

This allows it to be separated from the urbanizations and also the pine trees provide shade.

Something perfect for the hottest days of the summer.

Bahia Dorada Beach,

it is perhaps one of the most interesting beaches in Estepona.

It usually has a low influx of tourists and also stands out for its location in the west of the town.

Where we can see unique tones in the water for its beauty and color.

It is also the perfect beach for lovers of sports activities in the water, such as scuba diving and fishing.

But also for those looking for something natural, thanks to its rocky landscape.

Guadalmansa Beach, located in the eastern part of Estepona.

This beach is perfect for escaping from large crowds in summer and for those who enjoy taking long walks along the seashore.

There is also an area enabled for the practice of Kite Surfing.

This rocky beach is ideal for lovers of fishing.

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