Elviria (Marbella)

Elviria Marbella.

The home of the British and the Germans.

The Urbanization of Elviria is presented with its streets lined with palm trees.

Wide paths, a great variety of restaurants, bars and boutiques.

It must be said that in this place many of the wealthy..

Of Marbella make their home here.

As well as those from the middle of the spectrum.

Marbella Puerto Banus has a cosmopolitan group that resides here.

Predominantly British and German expatriates.

Which is also one of the most attractive places for residents on this side of Marbella.

Along with the water tower, Elviria is assigned the prestigious Hotel Don Carlos.

which is high rise jutting out near the beach.

Most of the points in Elviria offer views from this hotel.

That has become the symbol of this area.

Just a ten minute drive from the center of Marbella.

 Services and facilities.

Large shopping centers:

La Cañada.

And Miramar.

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

Also its near to the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

Cabopino marina.

For boat lovers, the area is very close to the small.

But picturesque Cabopino marina.

Luxury lifestyles.

 Not only does it enjoy 320 days of sunshine a year.

Also boasts some of the best beaches in the area.

Here you will also find a slice of glamorous life at:

Splendid 5-star hotels:

the 5-star Don Carlos

Nobu Hotel.

the 5-star Vincce Estrella del Mar Hotel.

Don Carlos.

Don Pepe Gran Melia.

Puente Romano.

Marbella Club.

Spectacular beaches…and restaurants.

Playa Perla Blanca.

which is a place in Marbella where you can enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon.

It is very busy so you will have to go down early of the summer months…

If you want a lounger.

The bars of Perla Blanca Beach are a bit more expensive than Elviria Beach.

 The Beach House restaurant, which is located along Perla Blanca beach.


Is better suited to dinner than long meals.

And is an elegant restaurant that any mortal would wish to spend with their partner.

It is certainly worth the money you pay for the high class cuisine…

That is served and the professional service you receive.

To the right of the Perla Blanca Beaches, there is the aforementioned Nikki Beach.

Nikki Beach.

Which is where the young people and famous people of Marbella go.

The place is ideal for all sessions such as sunbathing…

With a day of duration and spending in a party all night long.

Also with international DJ sets etc.

The opening party is in many ways the highlight …

Of the summer social calendar in Marbella.

Nikki Beach will certainly sample from those who think you’re cool enough.

Cabopino, Elviria beach.

The beaches offer a wide variety of water sports.

And from Cabopino you can go deep sea angling.

It is one of the beaches in Malaga.

Where you can feel a special sense .

Of freedom and connection with nature.

Its landscape, dotted with imposing dunes.

Also delicate native vegetation, such as sea daffodils .

The Dunas de Artola.

In an environment of pine forests and dune beaches.

A valuable protected natural area declared a Natural Monument.

Too,  great variety of attractions.

It becomes an appropriate place to rest.

Too it  has multiple services.

Such as boat rental, restaurant and toilets.

With shower included.

The perfect place for golf.

 Golf connoisseurs will be delighted to know that Elviria has good skills for the sport.

The Santa María Golf & Country Club.

Is one of the most beautiful golf complexes in Europe.

And has a wonderful club in which they are presented with a bar…

Restaurant and pro shop. Santa María has an 18-hole golf course.

As well as a bowling green, tennis court.

Olympic-size swimming pool, and several hectares of gardens.

There is even a new golf course that is designed by Dave Thomas.

This new golf course will be longer and more difficult than the current one.

And will be accompanied by a new clubhouse and golf school.

Family fun.

Visit Aventura Amazonia in Elviria.

An adventure park with treetop circuits.

Climbing areas and zip lines for all ages.

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