Puerto de la Duquesa (Málaga)

Duquesa Manilva.

Puerto de la Duquesa Manilva is a beautiful marina.

Because of is located in the municipality of Manilva.

Halfway between Marbella and Sotogrande.

Therefore it is the most western port of the province of Malaga.

With its quiet beaches and pleasant temperatures all year round.

Then, it is undoubtedly one of the best ports on the Costa del Sol. 

The port is, at present, the center of greatest tourist activity in the area.

Moreover it is surrounded by cozy hotels and urbanizations.

That invite you to spend a good beach…

Sun and sea vacation.

Not only a peaceful place but also..

Where Mediterranean light combines in perfect harmony…

With pleasure boats and the traditional flavor

of the small fishing boats that go out to fish every morning.

His economy and culture.

To begin with. Manilva is the first town in the province of Malaga.

Along the western coast, bordering the province of Cádiz.

Already immersed in the Costa del Sol.

 Secondly, Manilva’s economy was based largely on agriculture and fishing.

Although increasingly on the tourism.

Thanks to its inland landscape to which is added…

In its closest environment.

One of the highest concentrations of quality golf courses in the world.

In this maritime town you can enjoy various activities.

Among others, the culture of other civilizations that inhabited the coasts of Malaga.

His typical gastronomy.

Likewise, you can taste the most varied gastronomic offer in:

Duquesa Manilva harbor:

For example: Italian, Asian, Indian, French, Argentine..

And of course Mediterranean cuisine:

Mesón del Castillo.

As well,  the richness of its gastronomy is based on the variety of fish.

Without forgetting one of the most popular dishes in the area: tomato soup.

 Also on a second line of the beach is Manilva.

Since it is the westernmost town in the province of Malaga.

From there you can not only see the extreme coastline of the Malaga coast.

But also that of Campo de Gibraltar.

Because of this charming town still has many Muscat vineyards in its surroundings…

Then, which gives it a very special charm.

Therefore, the backdrop is the blue of the Mediterranean that bathes its coastal strip…

Where the Manilveño nucleus of San Luis de Sabinillas is located.

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Puerto de la Duquesa (Málaga)
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