Cordoba the Sultana.

Main monuments of Cordoba.

The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.

In this place, Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art coexist .

 This is one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

The austerity displayed on the outside contrasts …

With the exuberance of the interior.

One of its most beautiful parts…

In addition to its well-known Arab arcades, is the Maqsura.

This place was reserved for the Caliph’s prayers.

Roman Bridge of Cordoba.

Also known as “the Old Bridge”.

It was the only bridge that the city had for 20 centuries.

Until the construction of the San Rafael Bridge…

In the mid-20th century.

Built at the beginning of the 1st century…

During the time of Roman domination in Córdoba.

The current structure of the Roman Bridge…

Dates back to the Middle Ages…

When an initial wooden bridge was possibly replaced.

Torre de la Calahorra,

At the end of the Roman Bridge.

 It is a defensive tower that has guarded the bridge.

Since the time of Muslim domination.

From the top of it you will enjoy a different perspective…

Of the Roman Bridge with the Mosque-Cathedral in the background.

The people of Cordoba say that from there you can enjoy …

The best nightfall in Andalusia.

Both the Calahorra Tower and the bridge…

Are part of the Historic Center of Córdoba..

The second declaration of World Heritage Site of the city.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs.

It is another of the most important and beautiful monuments in Córdoba.

It is a fortress steeped in history.

In it the Catholic Monarchs spent more than 8 years…

While directing the campaign against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

In addition, it was in one of their stays that Christopher Columbus…

Requested funds for the maritime expedition.

That would lead him to discover America.

Arabic-style gardens through which it is a delight…

To stroll enjoying its beauty, its peace and the sounds of its fountains.

The Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

Visiting Córdoba is synonymous with walking through the Jewish quarter.

The neighborhood that extends next to the Mosque.

Also in which the Jewish population lived …

Between the 10th and 15th centuries, until their expulsion.

Now it is a network of narrow streets.

Where you can find craft and souvenir shops.

As well as tapas bars and restaurants.

It is the neighborhood through which tourists move during the visit of Córdoba.

Too where you can find corners such as the old Synagogue from 1315.


Located 8 kilometers from the city center.

 Is another of the places declared a World Heritage Site in Córdoba.

In it we can enjoy the remains of the city…

That was the center of power of the Caliphate of Córdoba.

Among its spaces, the Rico Hall stands out.

A place where the caliph received his visitors in audience.

Almodóvar gate.

In Córdoba, parts of the wall that protected its Jewish quarter…

 Several of its doors serve as the entrance to its historic center.

 Along some of the sections of the wall…

Some beautiful walks decorated with flowers…

And fountains have been created.

Through which it is very pleasant to walk contemplating these historic walls.

Corredera Square

It is a rectangular and porticoed square in the Castilian style.

It is the only one of these characteristics in Andalusia.

One of the best places to recharge your batteries.

Enjoy Cordoba cuisine in the many taverns and restaurants found in its arcades.

The gastronomy of Cordoba.

 Typical dishes of Cordoba.

Among the most typical dishes of Cordoba are:

First: salmorejo.

Second. flamenquines.

Third: fried aubergines with honey.

Fourth: oxtail or Cordovan cake.

Finally: the potato omelette at Bar Santos, in front of the mosque.

The best restaurants in Cordoba.

According to the Michelin Guide:

Choco: creative cuisine and tasting menus.

Noor: Three suggestive menus that recall the different Arab times of the city.
Taberna Salinas: tapas bar.

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