Competa Malaga


The Corniche of the Costa del Sol.

 Its geographical location.

Competa Malaga is the “Cornisa de la Costa del Sol” for its wonderful location.

Basically, its territory extends through the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.

Indeed, Cómpeta is  on the southern slope of the Sierra de Almijara.

For this reason it enjoys an extraordinary landscape heritage.

Competa belongs to the Axaquía region.

Consequently, it borders municipalities in the region, such as:

Frigiliana, Torrox, Sayalonga, Árchez and Canillas de Albaida.

Competa Malaga is a white town in the Axarquia region.

Competa is an agricultural town.

Also, it is a supplier of high quality raisins and muscat wine.

Bodegas Almijara was represented by its white wine from Muscat Jarel…

At the wedding of the King of Spain.

Competa Malaga, It became very popular in Europe in the 80s.

As popular as half of its residents are foreigners.

A walk through the town of Competa Malaga.

Their monuments.

We start with the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, year 1505.

Located in the Plaza Almijara.

Known as the “Cathedral of the Axarquía”.

Due to its height and color, its Mudejar style tower stands out.

Next to the church is the Paseo de las Tradiciones.

Through its mosaics, we observe the deeply-rooted customs of Competa.

Then we come to Plaza Almijara, with its 19th century facades.

And its typically Andalusian fountain.

Then we will visit the Hermitage of San Sebastián.

Without a doubt, the oldest in Cómpeta.

Actually, it was built by order of Queen Isabel la Católica herself.

Another sample of the religious art of the municipality is:

The Hermitage of San Antón Abad Extramuros.

It is basically an 18th century chapel.

Of great importance is its meticulous altarpiece with “La Borriquita”.

Of course, they are also worth a visit:

First, the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.

Second, Hadrian’s Mill Museum.

Third, the Plaza de la Vendimia with its hanging houses.

Finally, we must visit the wineries…

Of this town with a marked winemaking tradition.

The streets of a Competa Malaga.

It still preserves old trails.

Formerly they were used to trade with the people of Granada…

On the other side of the mountains.

Immediately you can see several neighborhoods…

That go from the mountain to the valley.

They basically run between ravines and streams.

For this reason there are many bends, slopes, narrow streets.

Also hidden squares.

Above all, and what is most striking: houses hanging from high rocky cliffs.

In addition, from the Gaudí-style viewpoint…

You can enjoy unique views of the town.

We will always end up converging on the Plaza de Almijara.

Obviously, the urban center and main meeting point.

Of course, with bars, terraces and a fountain.

His special light.

As soon as we arrive, we are dazzled by the narrow, white streets…

Due to its special light and scenic landscape.

Competa is a magnet for artists.

Sweet wine, the king of Competa Malaga.

The first thing we observe when arriving at Competa are their hills with vines.

That is why Competa is famous for its magnificent wine.

For this reason, the wine festival is celebrated every August 15.

Where to eat in Cómpeta.

La Taberna de Oscar is a family restaurant here in the heart of Competa.

Above all, they cook small dishes, a little larger than tapas.

In this way many different flavors can be tasted.

The main thing for the tavern is to use the Competa oil.

And to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Basically it is a cuisine of miscegenation.

For example, they combine traditional Spanish dishes…

With others from Morocco, Thailand and the Mediterranean.

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