Casares (Malaga)

Casares Malaga

The Guard of the Costa del Sol.

Casares, Malaga is named for its magnificent views.

It is located between the Serranía de Ronda and the Costa del Sol.

It borders the province of Cádiz.

As we get closer, we enjoy a postcard view.

It is a small white town perched on a hill.

And since it is located about 430 meters above sea level …

We can see the Atlantic Ocean and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Places near Casares, Málaga.

From here, you can visit places like:

1- Sotogrande.

2- Benalguacil.

3- Ubrique.

4- Estepona.

5- Benalmádena.

6- Marbella.

Some of the closest airports ..

First: Gibraltar, 33 km.

Second: Malaga, 73 km.

Third: Jerez, 73 km.

Finally, Morón Ab (Seville), which is 86 km.

The architectural legacy of Casares.

A walk through the streets of Casares is a journey back in time.

It’s like going back to the period of the late Middle Ages.

We can see walls and Moorish ruins.

The bell towers of:

The Incarnation (16th century)

San Sebastián (15th century).

Saint of the Vera Cruz (16th century).

Other places of interest in Casares.

The House of Blas Infante.

Blas Infante Pérez de Vargas, famous nationalist leader known as “The father of Andalusia.”

He was born in Casares in 1885, but at the beginning of the Spanish civil war …

He was arrested and executed by the Franco regime.

Becoming a martyr and emblem of Andalusia.

Ethnohistoric Museum.

This museum is open to visitors on Mondays and Saturdays.

Natural Parks near Casares, Malaga.

Nearby are these magnificent nature reserves:

First: the Serranía de Ronda.

Second: the Natural Park of the Alcornocales.

Third: the Sierra Bermeja Natural Park.

What else to do in Casares Malaga.

There are  several Moorish walls and ruins in Casares…

You can  enjoy outdoor activities such as:

Golf, hiking…

Also strolling along the beach and have a refreshing beer…

And taste the delicious grilled sardines in the bars.

With genuine characteristics of a mountain village…

Casares invites its visitors to stay longer…

Too free themselves from the stress of everyday life.

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