Caleta de Vélez (Málaga)

Geographical location of Caleta de Velez.

The Port of Caleta de Velez Malaga belongs to the municipality of Vélez Málaga.

And it is approximately 40 km from Malaga capital.

It is a beautiful fishing village 30kms from Malaga with good beaches …

And an impressive port.

Places near La Caleta de Velez Malaga.

First, Torre del Mar,  one of the Malaga towns that receives the most tourists.

For the tranquility of its streets and its coast.

Away from the crowds that form in other coastal locations.

The town is organized into different population centers …

Which are divided into urbanizations.

We find some luxury ones like Baviera Golf, Caleta del Sol or Trayamar.

Tourist activities in Caleta de Velez Malaga.

Vélez-Málaga is the historic capital of the entire area.

It has a historic urban center, a theater, a hospital and a water park.

Also, a large shopping center called El Ingenio just one kilometer away.

It also has a large market on Saturday mornings.

And an 18-hole golf course, Baviera Golf.

La Caleta and its fishing port.

It is the main fishing port in the province of Malaga.

Although it is far from being a port with large ships.

It also doesn’t have much commercial and fishing traffic.

However, it is the only fishing marina on the east coast of Malaga.

It preserves all the typicality and vintage flavor of the ports of yesteryear.

Quality, fresh fish is sold in the port.

Above all: sardines, anchovies, squid, octopus, sea bream and mackerel.

A walk through La Caleta de Vélez.

A very pleasant walk, which we recommend whatever the time of year.

Although a beautiful sunny spring day invites you to walk.

Following the Paseo Marítimo de Torre del Mar until reaching Varadero.

Next to the area where the fishermen fix the nets and tackle of the fishing boats …

We will find Varadero or the area where all kinds of boats are repaired.

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Caleta de Vélez (Málaga)
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