Calahonda Mijas

Calahonda Mijas

Calahonda it is located on the coast of Mijas, in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Too is a border area between Mijas and Marbella, belonging to the municipality of Mijas.

Mijas, the most surprising white town.

Mijas is, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful white villages in Andalusia.

Tourists walk lazily through its narrow streets …

And also donkey-taxis, an originality that has now…

Become a classic ‘Celtiberian’ on the Costa del Sol.

If we approach this town, an essential visit will be the gardens of the old town.

Fortress, a watchtower that allows us to overlook this beautiful town from above.

From there, no matter how hard you try.

No photograph will capture the essence of what the view.

And other senses hold for us at that moment.

With that multitude of white houses clustered in the mountains as if by magic.

The arab past is present.

The Muslim origins of the town are also present…

In the beautiful tower of the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Walking through the cobbled and labyrinthine streets of Mijas…

We will arrive at the Contemporary Art Center…

Which houses an important collection of ceramics…

Made by masters of the stature of Dalí or the great Picasso.

Undoubtedly the artistic emblem of the province and pride of the people of Malaga.

Obviously, Mijas has its share of Costa del Sol on the beaches of:

La Butibamba and El Bombo.

And it also has its tourist offer for adrenaline lovers.

If we are, we should not leave here without living the hectic experience of Aquamijas.

Apark that has water as its main protagonist and that has a repertoire of attractions.

Such as its wave pool or the crazy waters of its wild river.

The municipality, in addition to the friendly donkey-taxis.

Has an unusual attraction: the Museum of Miniatures.

In Max’s Wagon we will have to pay close attention to discover extraordinary works…

Of art in microscopic size, such as Dalí’s Christ on a pushpin.

Or Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper on a grain of rice.

Sitio de Calahonda, a huge private urbanization.

A name that owes to the homonymous beach located there.

It is a neat urbanization that during its decades of development.

Has had a certain respect for the natural environment.

By not exceeding 5 floors in height of the buildings.

For which it has been awarded the prestigious Jaguar Award.

From the United Kingdom Parliament, to the best urban development in Spain.

Characteristics of  Calahonda, Mijas.

As a curious fact, it stands out that its 27 kilometers of streets.

Some 7,000 homes and 60,000 square meters of green areas.

Are maintained by their owners…

Who are mostly British, Scandinavian and German.

What to do in Calahonda, Mijas.

The urbanization has its own 9-hole golf course.

As well as 3 shopping centers (El Zoco, Los Olivos and Cipreses).

With restaurants, cafes and pubs, some banks, supermarkets and a gym.

Otherwise the area is mainly dedicated to housing.

And has well-kept green areas with many pines and palm trees.

At the top of the mountain, a recently built Hermitage stands out for its location .

In fact part of it was a filming set .

Which today is a magnificent viewpoint over the coast.

Of course,  where you can enjoy spectacular sunsets.

The coast in Calahonda, Mijas.

Calahonda beach is as its name suggests.

A very deep beach from the beginning and therefore.

It may not be the best option when you go with children.

Also is a small cove with many stones, rocks and vegetation…

 There are several Chiringuitos.

Another recent attraction in the area is the Senda del Litora…

A wooden walkway along the coast where you can enjoy a magnificent walk.

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