Calahonda (Granada)

Calahonda Granada

Geographic location.

Enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate Calahonda Granada.

And an average annual temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius.

The average temperature in summer is 30 degrees.

Being 7 degrees in the coldest months.

 Located within the municipality of Motril.

It has a population close to 1,700 inhabitants.

It is the southernmost town in the entire Andalusian province.

And is located in the central part of the Costa Tropical region.

Towns near Calahonda, Granada.

Nearby are the towns of :

La Perla, Carchuna, La Chucha and Castell de Ferro.

Near cities : Only 80 kilometers separating Granada.

Almería is less than 100 kilometers away.

Historical and natural heritage.

Calahonda Beach has a history that contrasts with.

Its calm and paradisiacal aspect.

Calahonda was an ancient settlement…

In which numerous remains of Roman pottery have been found.

So we can know that it was an area dedicated to the production..

Of amphorae in Roman times.

On the other hand, having such a wide entrance to the coast.

Pirate attacks.

It was totally exposed to the attacks of pirates and enemy troops…

Which were happening continuously.

The pirates approached this beach and seized boats and people.

So a permanent settlement had to be placed…

That would make Calahonda Beach and the towns in the area safe.

To guard the bay, two surveillance buildings were erected:

The Torre del Zambullón and the Farillo de Calahonda.

Despite this, the successive attacks did not stop.

So the entry of commercial ships was carried out…

Under the shelter of the rocky cliffs.

Places of interest.

At present, it continues to be one of the towns that receives…

The most tourism within the province.

This is due to the presence of the sea in its interior.

But also to its proximity to the important municipality of Motril…

The natural setting that surrounds it and its important historical heritage.

Its heritage includes the Farillo de Calahonda, the Bigotes Cave…

And the Karst de Calahonda,  the most charming places in Granada.

Calahonda’s main economic activity.

Its main economic activity has always been,.

Due to the presence of the sea, fishing.

Tourism and agriculture have also had a great weight in its economy.

Being a coastal and coastal place, many activities can be carried out…

Not only fishing.

In addition, in its fields we can go hiking and great bicycle routes .

Calahonda is an eminently tourist town, especially for its beac…

With transparent and deep waters, where you can go diving and fishing.

And nearby there are other virgin beaches with abundant vegetation.

Gastronomy in Calahonda, Granada.

The traditional cuisine of the area, and  coastal cuisine.

Dishes such as :

First: the pot of San Antón stand out, one of the most typical stews.

Also the paprika porridge, the migas, the Segureño lamb stew.

Too the fried kid with garlic.

Or the saladilla with beans.

Tapas are very classic in these areas of the Granada coast.

And you can enjoy tapas in Calahonda..

With delicacies such as stewed snails…

Battered fish or a variety of sausages.

El Conjuro Restaurant in Calahonda, Granada.

The Lorenzo Torres brothers inherited from their parents this business. 

A traditional inn, frequented by locals and visitors especially in summer.

But Antonio, the chef, wanted to explore his most creative side.

Providing the space with two differentiated environments:

A minimalist-style room where you can taste their menu dishes…

Suggestions and gastronomic menu.

And the contemporary-style tavern.

The proposal is defined by a decisive menu of portions…

And half portions where you can find some…

Of the chef’s best-known dishes.

 Chef Lorenzo has managed to attract fans of gastronomy…

With an Andalusian-inspired cuisine and Asian touches that convince.

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