What to visit in Cadiz.

First: La Caleta Beach (Cadiz).

It has always been the best known in Cadiz capital and province.

Every year dozens of comparsas dedicate a letter to their sunsets and make their fame grow.

What is clear is that a sunset in its sand will leave you speechless.

Its sunsets are already incredible in themselves.

But the magic of that beach is special since it is presided over by the old La Palma Spa.

Along with its boats stagnant at low tide reflecting the orange sky of Cádiz.

By the way, you can go to La Caleta any day and at any time.

To bathe and simply relax reading a book under the warm Atlantic sun.

Which you are going to enjoy in the same way.

Second: The Tavira Tower.

If you are looking for what to see in Cádiz…

you may have here the best views of Cádiz capital.

Going up to the roof of its tower is to have a panoramic view…

Of the entire old town, its old rooftops and viewpoints .

Hundreds of years of history at a glance, incredible!

In addition, the Torre Tavira is an experience in itself.

Since it has a Dark Camera where we can see all of Cádiz.

And its most emblematic places in real time.

A way to get to know Cádiz from another perspective..

And observe its people from anonymity.

Third: The Trafalgar lighthouse.

The lighthouse is located in an enviable environment.

A few meters from a must-see town such as Vejer de la Frontera.

It dates from 1929 and to reach its feet you will have to cross the Caños de Meca.

And on its skirt you can go down its ramps and stairs to its beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water.

The Battle of Trafalgar was a naval battle that took place in 1805.

This naval battle is considered one of the most important of the nineteenth century.

Where the allies France and Spain fought against the British navy.

Under the command of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, who obtained the victory.

Fourth: Walk to the Castle of San Sebastián.

Legend has it that the Phoenician temple of Kronos was located on that islet, in the Ancient Age.

Today it is used as a venue for exhibitions, concerts and other leisure and cultural events.

Fifth: Visit the neighborhood of La Viña.

It is the most famous neighborhood in Cádiz capital (but not the oldest, which is El Pópulo).

In Carnivals, La Viña is transformed and each one of its streets becomes an audiovisual show…

Without equal in the whole world.

But the day-to-day in the neighborhood has a special charm.

Stroll through its narrow streets, with white houses, decorated with flowers.

And balconies, its people and the joy and light that is breathed …

Sixht: Cadiz Cathedral.

It is a benchmark in the city.

Thanks to its location and beauty, every tourist ends up passing through its doors…

And admiring its beauty and that of its surroundings.

Without a doubt one of the most important things to see in Cadiz.

Seventh: Walking along the walled promenade of the historic center of Cádiz.

I assure you that it is priceless.

But if we also add it to doing it through a garden with giant trees from the 20th century.

We will not be able to shut our mouths of the visual delight that we have in front of us.

La Alameda is included in the General Catalog of Andalusian Historical Heritage…

And in addition to varied vegetation (bananas, ficus, custard apple …) it has more than 400 years of history.

The best beaches in Cadiz.

You can also visit the beach of Cortadura, Valdevaqueros, Costa Ballena, Zahara de los Atunes.

Or Bolonia since they are considered not only as the best beaches in Cádiz, but in all of Spain.

Where to eat in Cádiz and surroundings.

The Mini Bar 

Is a very tiny bar among the alleys of the old town of Cádiz.

A bar very frequented by locals, who know the quality and freshness of their products.

Stop by first thing in the morning to catch a sidewalk and enjoy its fried fish.

The best in all of Cádiz capital, without a doubt

Of course, we recommend that you do not ask for an assortment.

But choose for yourself the type of fish that you want:

Roe, omelets, marinated dogfish, anchovies, prawns, etc.

You can’t see Cadiz without visiting its bars and trying its gastronomy!

Casa Manteca.

Is a traditional tavern with a lot of history, located in the historic center of Cádiz.

And with much to try and see.

My recommendation is that you order a Fino de Jerez wine.

And accompany it with pork loin in butter, or with pork rinds with salt and lemon.

It is not a place to eat sitting down, but to try a tapas and enjoy the crazy gastronomy.

Casa Balbino. 

I can tell you that they are the best shrimp omelettes.

I have tasted in the entire province of Cádiz.

So if you have time to spare, organize a day trip to Sanlúcar de Barrameda…

And stop by Casa Balbino to try them.

I also recommend that you order:

Some seasoned potatoes, roe and try several fried fish caps, which is fresh from the day.

https://atenasplaya.com . in La Barrosa beach. 

One of the most delicious  rice dishes I have eaten away from Alicante.

In Chiclana de la Frontera it has been named the best beach in Spain on numerous occasions.

It is a family beach, with fine sand and clean water.

Ideal to enjoy a great climate throughout the year with views of the infinite Atlantic.

A recommendation is to eat in one of the restaurants in Chiclana..

And end up having a drink or an ice cream on its terraces a few meters from the beach…

While we can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and the good local climate.

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