Cabo de Gata (Almería)

Cabo de Gata Almeria

Cabo de Gata, Almeria is special.

This area has a “magnetism” that makes it mystical, different, unique.

 Almería’s 4,000 hours of light a year.

A 100% virgin coastline of coves and beaches bathed by turquoise waters.

Wild cliffs of fossil dunes and surprising places that seem to have been sculpted directly by God.

The best beaches in Cabo de Gata.

Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead One).

Turquoise waters of incredible clarity, a virgin environment that is terrifying …

I just tell you that on more than one occasion it has come out as…

One of the most beautiful in Spain through popular votes.

The sand on this beach is not exactly “sand”.

The beach is made up of thousands of rounded pebbles.

That give the shore that dark touch and at the same time make it so transparent.

Monsul, Indiana Jones Beach in Cabo de Gata, Almeria.

Due to the good climate, food and landscapes…

Many Hollywood film directors chose Almería to record their films.

And this was the case with Mónsul Beach, one of the places that gave Cabo de Gata.

The most fame for appearing in the Indiana Jones film and the last crusade Cala de Enmedio.

Essential in Cabo de Gata Few beaches in the world like this you will see.

Where crystal clear waters and impressive white limestone formations and undulating shapes.

This cove is in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, it is 100% virgin.

And its beauty has even reached the pages of the New York Times.

Los Escullos Beach.

One of the most spectacular sites .

Is the amazing, original, photogenic and mysterious fossil dune of Los Escullos.

100 thousand years old.

A time when the Mediterranean Sea flooded the entire area of ​​Cabo de Gata.

And whose shape is the result of the whim of nature, erosion and the passage of time.

After the recession of the Mediterranean Sea, the dune was exposed.

And after this, the whipping of the wind…

The rain and the sand impacting on it, gave shape to this movie projection.

Which will leave you speechless next to the two pieces of beaches next to the fossil:

Los Escullos beach and the dark, long and heavenly beach of Arco.

Playa de los Genoveses.

With fine sand, 100% virgin and golden sand dunes, it is the Genoveses beach…

Whose landscape I am sure you will like a lot because.

It is the typical virgin beach that we have all imagined at some time.

Natural environments of Cabo de Gata.

Salt flats of Cabo de Gata, Almeria.

It is advisable to bring binoculars since from the viewpoint of the salt flats.

You can see up to 100 different types of birds.

Even pink flamingos.

The best time to see them is between the end of July and the beginning of August.

If you can, go at sunset, at this time the colors are incredible.

Mermaid Reef (arrecife de las Sirenas).

It is advisable to come twice, once at sunset and once at noon.

The colors, lights, water color … everything varies a lot depending on the time of day you come.

All the landscape are old volcanic chimneys that give the area a special magnetism.

Where to eat in Cabo de Gata.

We recommend the rice soup (if possible with seafood), with views of the isleta del Moro, at:

The isleta del Moro still preserves the maritime atmosphere of yesteryear.

The tranquility of the towns of then and of course the views of the small beach…

With crystal clear waters next to the one known as Punta de Loma Pelada.

Apart from rice, other fish such as:


Second:gallo Pedro.

Third: painter.

Finally: lecha or pollico are classics that are usually ordered here.

Activities in Cabo de Gata.

A boat ride at sunset .

With “golden” toast included, from a sailboat or catamaran.

A horse ride in Aguamarga.

A horse riding tour at sunset through the coves and trails in the area.

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