Benahavis Malaga

Benahavis Malaga.

Benahavis Malaga is a mountain town 7 km from the coast of Marbella.

Located in the southern part of the Serrania de Ronda.

It is famous for being a white town on the Costa del Sol with good gastronomy.

Benahavis Malaga has a careful natural environment.

The ecological enclave of Las Angosturas del Rio Guadalmina.

Also it is a tourist attraction, due to its natural pools that allow people to enjoy a pleasant bath.

Why is Benahavis, Malaga special. It has one of the highest per capita income in Spain.

Taking into account that it does not reach 7,000 inhabitants…

With more than 60% of them foreigners.

And it is that in a territory of 145 square kilometers.

It houses large luxury urbanizations of the most desired in all of Spain…

Such as La Alquería, Lomas, or la select, La Zagaleta, and up to 9 golf courses.

It is not surprising that Michelle Obama  chose the Hotel Villa Padierna…

Which is located at the confluence of the terms of Estepona and Benahavís…

To spend her summer vacations a few years ago.

Historical heritage of Benahavis, Malaga.

Once we start walking along Avenida Andalucía…

We will be perplexed by the beautiful white villas at different heights.

Also all of them have trees, flowers and fountains, so the atmosphere is truly idyllic.

The busiest section of this main artery…

From which it could be said that the rest of the municipality branches off.

Is the one next to the 18th century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

The religious enclosure has a modern building that has an interesting bell tower.

That is accessed by a spiral staircase.

From the top the panoramic views of the entire mountain range.

And the rest of the town must be sensational, especially on clear days.

All this part of the street is full of bars, art galleries, restaurants and shops.

Also on Sundays, and especially in summer, there is usually a handicraft market.

Why is it called the dining room of the Costa del Sol.

In this small square and in the surrounding streets we will find a multitude of restaurants and taverns.

In which to savor a selection of the best gastronomy of the selection:

First: rabbit.

Second: suckling pig.

Finally: veal or venison are some of the typical dishes of the mountain town available.

But there is no We must forget that we are just minutes from the coast.

So seafood dishes will represent a capital importance.

Highlighting the fish and shellfish zarzuela.

Although without a doubt, if I have to opt for recommending a dish.

You certainly cannot leave without trying a good beef tenderloin and oxtail.

To give even more importance to this culinary culture…

The town has a hospitality school, known as the Hispano-Arab School of the Mediterranean diet.

Natural environment of Benahavis, Malaga.

Angosturas del Río Guadalmina.

A path of approximately 1 kilometer that we will follow descending the channel…

In which the passage of water has created natural walls…

Of great beauty and that begins in the popular Charco de las Mozas…

In which the water gushes from the stones.

Without a doubt, an ideal place in summer to go bathing and do a little sport.

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