Ardales (Málaga)

Ardales, Malaga.

The door of The Caminito del Rey.

First of all, we will say that the town Ardales, Malaga rises at the foot of a steep hill of the Guadalhorce Valley.

The physiognomy it presents is of winding streets and whitewashed two-story houses.

Obviously, Ardales has many charms that make you fall in love.

The history of Ardales Málaga.

Cradle of civilizations, its origin as a settlement dates back to prehistory.

Then the Celtiberians,Arabs, and Roman passed by Ardales.

In the 9th century, Omar Ben Hafsum converted to Christianity.

Consequently, the only Mozarabic basilica from the Al-Andalus period is in Ardales.

First of all, we observe numerous twists and turns and enchanting labyrinths in which to get lost and found.

The monuments of Ardales Málaga.

First, the Church of Bobastro from the 9th century carved out of rock.

Second, the parish church of Ntra. Sra. De los Remedios, from the end of the 16th century.

Third, in the lower part of the town stands the Capuchin convent, from the 17th and 18th centuries.

By last not far away is the hermitage of the Incarnation, from the 18th century.

Malaga and its natural landscapes of Ardales.

About five kilometers from the town center is the remarkable Cave of Ardales or Doña Trinidad Gründ.

Further, we can observe cave paintings from 20,000 BC. C. in this cave.

Especially, the natural park that borders the reservoirs of the Guadalhorce basin…

Is another of the places of notable environmental and ecological interest.

Without a doubt, there are two of the greatest landscape jewels of Andalusia:

El Caminito del Rey,  Ardales, Malaga.

The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Balcony.

With complete certainty, it is an aerial path built on the walls of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes in El Chorro.

Basically, it is a road attached to the aforementioned gorge with a length of 3 kilometers that has long sections and a width of just 1 meter

The Great Canyon of Andalusia.

Truly, it constitutes one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Malaga mountains.

In addition, in some sections the width between its two sides is 10 meters.

Sometimes the height of the gorge reaches 700 meters.

For this reason, the verticality of these great limestone rock masses is spectacular.

Along the centuries, at the lowest points, the river has been drilling into the rock to get more space.

The typical dishes of Ardales, Malaga.

Of course, the most typical products of Ardales are las tortas de almendras and the fantastic aceite de Ardales .

Indisputably,  you must taste the Goat,Gazpacho, Migas , Porrasand and the delicious chivo a la pastoril .

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