Almuñecar (Granada)

Almuñecar Granada.

Almuñecar Granada it is located on the Tropical Coast of Granada.

Its location is perfect to enjoy the snow in Sierra Nevada.

The ski station is only 50 minutes away.

On the same day you could ski in the morning and eat a paella on the beach of Almuñecar.

Also the climate in Almuñecar Granada is tropical all year round, with an average temperature of 20 degrees.

If you want to visit La Herradura on a leisurely walk.

You will find several points of interest:

First: the Monument to the Men of the Sea.

Second: the Church of San José.

Third: the Castle of La Herradura.

Fourth: the Marina del Este Sports Port.

Fifth: the area of ​​the Río Gordo Natural Park.

The history of Almuñécar, its climate and its type of tourism.

As for the history of Almuñécar, I can tell you that the settlement dates back to the Bronze Age.

And that each culture has left something in the town.

Quite a few vestiges from the Ancient Era are preserved, both Roman and Phoenician.

And in the times of al-Andalus it was an important producing center of sugar cane, bananas and raisins.

Almuñécar has an enviable climate, with about 320 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of about 17 degrees.

This subtropical micro-climate makes it a great place to visit all year round, even in summe…

When it gets cooler in the evening much more than in other areas of the Andalusian coast.

As for the type of tourism that comes to Almuñecar.

It is mainly national tourism, unlike other towns in the area.

In the 1970s they built apartments at moderate prices that were bought by Spanish families as a second home.

Boat tour.

 One of the activities you can do is a boat trip from the Port of Marina del Este

To see the Costa Tropical and all the cliffs from the sea.

Ask when you arrive at the Almuñécar tourist office as availability ..

And hours change a lot from one time of year to another.

Where to eat and have tapas in Almuñécar, Granada.

Once you know what to see around the area, we are going to recommend where to eat in Almuñécar.

Almuñécar stands out for its huge tapas at very good prices, so eating tapas in Almuñécar is always our first option.

Cane costs about € 2 in all bars and we guarantee that with the accompanying tapa it is well worth paying that price.

We have been both two and three people and they gave us a plate almost half a portion in each bar.

Tapas bars in Almuñécar.

Higuitos Bar. It is in a square with a large terrace.

It is a great place for beers and tapas and even to eat a paella.

Get there early if you want to get a table.

Bar los Pajaritos.

A traditional bar that puts fish tapas for you with each consumption following a pre-established order.

Probably our favorite. Andalusí Restaurant.

Although it is a restaurant, it also has a bar for tapas.

They put you home-made food is not expensive despite being on the beach.

La Bodeguita. Another traditional fried fish tapas bar.

They are a bit disorganized but well worth it.

Therefore, if you visit Almuñécar, do not hesitate to have two or three beers for lunch or dinner.

It will be very cheap and you will eat rich and well.

Also, if you get tired of drinking, you can always order some portions in all the bars.

What to do in La Herradura.

The best beach in Almuñecar, Granada.

La Herradura is a district of Almuñécar that is located right on the border with the province of Malaga.

It is a large beach, divided into several parts where you can find a wide variety of services…

And which sits in a bay shaped like a horseshoe, hence its name.

It is totally oriented to tourism but not as crowded as these places tend to be.

La Herradura offers a multitude of activities at sea such as:

boat trips, diving, kayaking, snorkeling or paddle surfing .

Diving and other activities.

In La Herradura there are three diving areas with up to 14 possible dives.

With the good temperatures that exist, dives are made 365 days a year.

It is an environmentally protected area in which there are possibilities for all levels of diving.

In these diving centers they also offer you other activities such as paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

In these cases you can rent the material and go on your own or sign up for an outing with a guide who will show you the area.

An advantage of the guide is that he carries a water camera and will give you images as a souvenir.

In La Herradura there are up to 8 diving clubs where they also offer you the rest of the activities.

Eat in La Herradura.

 If you decide to eat in La Herradura, the beer and tapas system is the same as in Almuñécar.

Although perhaps there are fewer bars here and there are not as good tapas.

 For this reason, in this case, I also suggest you sit down to eat…

And especially to have dinner in one of the beach bars.

All specialize in fish and some also make cocktails.

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