Almeria Center/ Harbor

Almeria Center

Almeria City  occupies the center of the bay of Almería.

Open to the Alboran Sea and sheltered by the Gádor and Alhamilla mountains.

Nevertheless it is a small but welcoming city.

In the past it was a very seafaring city.

Almeria Center today.

Today it is an administrative center for services and finance…

So a university, cosmopolitan and modern.

Although it does not have great monuments but:

First: the good climate.

Second: the treatment of the people.

Third: its tapas route.

Forth: its beaches…

And many more virtues.

Then, which each traveler will know how to find…

Are reason enough for the population of the city to grow year by year.

Because that,  thousands of people from different parts of the peninsula…

Have chosen Almería as their place of residence.

Also strolling through its streets we will discover a city rich in nuances, cheerful and easygoing…

Consequently, an Almeria with blinding light, warm, friendly and full of history.

 Places of interest to visit near Almeria Center.

First: Paseo de Almería, Rambla de Almería and Plaza Vieja.

Second: Cathedral, Alcazaba, Museum of Almería, shelters from the civil war .

Third: English Cable and Puerta Purchena.

 Almeria Harbor.

The dock for transporting passengers and goods is, how could it be less, the largest area of ​​the port.

Four lines depart from its ferry terminal that connect the Peninsula with North Africa.

 In the long language that is the Levante dock, where the port control tower is located…

The most important vessels that visit the city dock…

From huge cruise ships to historical and military ships.

There you will find the royal staircase and a viewpoint…

With an impressive panoramic view of the city and the entire bay.

The marina is located in the eastern area,  with capacity for more than 300 boats.

In its vicinity there are many interesting places to visit.

A tour of the Almería Harbor.

With its cheerful palm trees, the Parque de las Almadrabillas is an ideal place to walk…

And for the little ones to enjoy its attractions.

The historic Nautical Activities Center of Almería.

And the modern and extensive facilities of the EGO Sport Center…

Complete the offer of activities in the Port with a sports note.

The port of Almería is divided into several areas.

The fishing port is located in the westernmost area.

Where to eat in Almeria Harbor.

The Club de Mar, for example, has a very celebrated restaurant.

In the vicinity of La Lonja…

Where fish and shellfish are unloaded…

Is the La Lonja restaurant, with very fresh products…

Affordable prices and beautiful views of the port.

Something cheaper is the 900 Millas Bar-Cafeteria

In which its tapas stand out.

Beaches and Tapas.

One of the most important attractions of Almería is undoubtedly its beaches.  

It is a provincial capital with excellent beaches, you can see them in detail in the beaches section.

Gastronomy is one of the strengths of Almería…

And we are not referring to the preparation of elaborate dishes, Almería is known for its tapas.

Tourists can enjoy the Almeria habit of having a beer accompanied by the typical food tapa.

In Almería we will find from the basic tapas made with typical products, such as fried fish.

To tapas made from spoon dishes or more exclusive tapas of modern cuisine.

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