Algeciras (Cádiz)

Algeciras, Cadiz, the door to Gibraltar.

Geographical location of Algeciras, Cadiz.

The municipality of Algeciras, Cadiz,   is located at the western end of the bay of its name, 

opposite Gibraltar.

Part of its municipal area is included in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park,

one of the largest in Andalusia, of great ecological, landscape and hunting value.

Algeciras, Cadiz  is an important commercial and industrial center,

which lives mainly in the face of its maritime traffic.

Therefore, its port is one of the most important in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

However, it has some beautiful beaches like:

The Rinconcillo, San García and Getares.

Algeciras, Cadiz. His story.

So, Algeciras, Cadiz  is  the natural link between Europe and Africa…

Since has played, from the most remote times…

A decisive role in the history of the two continents.

First, the remains of the Roman city of Carteia are submerged in the waters of its large bay.
Second,  its name, Al-gezirah al-jadrah.

It comes from the Arabic and means “the green island”.

Since an allusion to the leafy islet that is in its bay.

And that receives the name of Isla Verde or Isla de las Palomas.

What to visit in Algeciras, Cadiz.

First, The Barrio de San Isidro is worth a visit, with its narrow streets.

Also whitewashed houses gleaming with lime, in pure Andalusian style.

Of course, and facades full of flowers.

Second, The Plaza Alta, of great beauty and nerve center.

Third, The María Cristina Park, with a great variety of plants and flowers.

Finally,  the Church of Our Lady of La Palma…

And the Chapel of Our Lady of Europe.

Nearby tourist facilities.

Within that old definition of the Costa del Sol (Málaga-Tarifa).

So it has a road infrastructure that connects it with:

Firsty: Sotogrande,

Later, Valderrama

 Next, La Alcalidesa golf complexes;

Ninety kilometers from Marbella and twenty-two from Tarifa

(one of the indispensable references of world wind-surfing).

In addition, Algeciras enjoys a privileged natural environment,

the gorge or “Canuto” of the Río de la Miel.

 One of the most ecologically valuable natural environments.

For its privileged location, sheltered by the slopes of high mountains,

provide it with a special microclimate.

Where to eat in Algeciras, Cadiz.

Essentially, an attractive wooden cabin.
Because of is located on the edge of the beach…

Mostly they cook fish and shellfish.

Moreover presented in a refrigerated display-boat in the same room.

Restaurante Casa Mané.

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