Aguilas Murcia

Aguilas Murcia.

Aguilas Murcia it is an oasis of warm waters on the Murcian coast.

Therefore we are going to give you some advice on the best beaches that you can enjoy in Aguilas.

Aguilas Beaches in Murcia.

Likewise, our beaches are a true paradise due to their warm and calm waters, such as Calacerrada or Cocedores.

Especially suitable for diving in Aguilas is La Piedra de Santa María Beach.

In contrast to the two mentioned above, this place is great for beginners.

For example, here we can find lobsters, octopuses and sea urchins.

For this and many more reasons, we recommend you visit Aguilas Murcia and enjoy its spectacular marine fauna.

On the other hand, in Aguilas Murcia you can also enjoy a relaxed boat trip with your partner, friends or family, especially at sunset.

Without a doubt, The Don Pancho Company will be happy to offer you an excursion along the Aguilas coast from € 10 per person.

Places to visit in Aguilas.

Also, we recommend to visit The Cismar Museum and Aquarium in Aguilas.

This is a  free entry museum to the sea and a great place to take the kids was opened in the spring of 2014 .

Worth it to see an exhibition, a walk along the jetty and auctions at the fishing port of Águilas.

The current fishing Port of Aguilas  dates back to 1884, this is home of the largest fishing fleets in the Region of Murcia.

Enjoy a good wine with a good meal watching a sunset in Aguilas , we are sure this it is something you will never forget.

The Mediterranean Murcia gastronomy of Aguilas.

The typical dishes of Aguilas are based on seafood and farm products.

For example, the Murcian salad, with egg, tomato, tuna and spring onion, its delicious.

Another typical dish is rice broths with seafood, where fish is usually served separated from rice.

In addition, its tapas bars offer tasty tapas for € 2.5 with a beer or wine.

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